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Earn PayPal money for playing games: 5 Easy ways
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Earn PayPal money for playing games: 5 Easy ways

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11 Apr 2021

Interesting things are happening in the world of the internet, did you know you can earn PayPal money for playing games? If you are a gamer, or you are just a person looking for some extra cash, then this article is for you.

There are several exciting ways to earn money online in 2021, and playing video games is one of the most enjoyable ones of them. In the following, we're going to discuss the top 10 straightforward ways to earn PayPal money just for playing games! Let's dive in:


GPT websites

GPT websites are a recommended way to earn money online. The word "GPT" stands for "Get paid to", these websites or apps pay money and gift cards to users for completing a variety of tasks and offers. One of their popular task types is playing games! They give you free virtual money to perform various tasks related to the game, including:

  • Just to install a game
  • Registering and verifying your game account
  • Playing a game for a specific time
  • Reaching a specific level in a game
  • Answering a quiz 100% correct

Then you can redeem those virtual coins for PayPal money or gift cards.


Top GPT websites

1. Swagbucks


Swagbucks is one of the most known GPT websites around the world. It's famous for the variety of tasks and options it provides. You can earn money by searching the web, watching videos, playing games, and getting cash backs. Despite its vast amount of opportunities available, it's not a perfect GPT website to earn money for playing games.

  • Trusted and well-known
  • Many earning options
  • Several prizes to redeem
  • Daily goals and bonuses
  • Not enough games to play
  • Offers don't pay as well as others'
  • The minimum withdrawal is $25

2. Freeward


Freeward is a new GPT website that could be a great option for online earning. It covers over 15 offer providers, so there are lots of game takes to complete and earn PayPal money. Despite Swagbucks, some features like an exclusive search platform is not available on Freeward. If you're a gamer or want to earn PayPal money, Fortnite v bucks, or other gift cards for playing games, then Freeward is a good option for you.

Freeward game offers

  • Trusted and legit
  • Hundreds of offers available
  • The minimum withdrawal is $5
  • High payouts
  • Exclusive achievement rewards
  • Not that well-known
  • No search engine or cashback offers
  • No daily bonuses

3. Idle-empire


Idle-empire is famous for its wide range of prizes. The number of offers is much more than Swagbucks and some extra daily tasks are available. The website looks simple, although it's supposed to focus on gamers. Whereas it pays much less than some other platforms like Freeward, if you're looking for a variety of rewards, go for it.

  • Powered by Steam
  • Wide range of prizes
  • The minimum withdrawal is $5
  • Daily tasks
  • Lower payouts
  • No extra features (search engine, etc)
  • Simple appearance

4. GG2U


GG2U is another GPT website that focuses on gaming offers. It's a really simple website with many offer providers included. Although, the website doesn't bring extra features; the payouts are actually high. Also, there is a special section for the game offers there. If you're looking for a simple website to earn PayPal money for playing mobile and PC games, then join it.

  • High payouts
  • Wide range of offers
  • The minimum withdrawal is $7
  • Not interesting user experience
  • No extra features (search engine, etc)
  • Simple appearance

5. PrizeRebel


PrizeRebel is another popular GPT title. The earning features are the same as others, and there are some extra options such as a contest, lucky numbers, and raffles. The website doesn't look that modern, but the support team is great. The payouts are lower than GG2U and Freeward.

  • Qualified support
  • Well-known
  • Extra earning options
  • Ordinary look
  • Low payouts
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