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The best ways to earn free gift cards
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The best ways to earn free gift cards

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03 Jan 2021

Gift cards are very valuable nowadays, there are thousands of gift card types and almost every big digital business provides them for their users. From online stores like Amazon or Walmart to game stores like Steam or Google Play, all are providing gift cards that could be redeemed to get a digital or physical good. In this article, we are going to present the best ways to earn a free gift card online.

How to get free gift cards without any effort?

Nothing is totally free but there are many different ways that enable you to earn a gift card. In this section, we are going to deal with the ways that require almost no effort to achieve various gift cards.


1. Paid surveys

Data is the precious gold of the modern world. Your opinions are extremely valuable for any company which cares about its future. Therefore, many companies pay you to give them your feedback about them. The surveys are conducted anonymously and you don't need to worry about your privacy, so you won't need to enter your private information. You'll get a prize for each survey done, then depending on the payment method of each platform, you will be able to choose your free gift card as a reward. There are many online platforms such as SwagbucksSurvey Junkie, and Freeward which provide many kinds of paid surveys for you.

Freeward is a legit online platform that lets you find thousands of paid surveys to fill and earn different types of gift cards such as Amazon, Steam, and Google Play. First, you need to sign up on Freeward for free, then you will see the hot survey walls available. Each survey wall contains many various paid surveys, which you can fill and earn coins. Eventually, you can redeem your coins for gift cards.

Get paid for filling surveys

2. Earn while searching

Searching is one of the most important steps in web browsing. We search a lot on the internet and did you know you can earn money while searching? It's again all about data. Some market research companies would like to know about trends, interests, and user behavior so they track your searches and let their systems learn about the latest trends and demands on the internet. They'd pay you if you use their custom search engine or extension to gather their data. One of the popular platforms in this field is Swagbucks which has its own search engine and lets you earn free gift cards just by using its search engine. Another good option is InboxDollars which also has its own search engine. They have a 50$ maximum per year limitation but it's still very useful to earn while doing regular activities such as searching.


3. Earn gift cards for playing games

Yes, it's possible, you can earn only for playing a game. It's also a legit way to earn gift cards. There are lots of game developers or game publishers which would like their games to get tried more and more. They will pay you for trying their games. Some of them will ask you to reach a specific level in the game to get rewarded and some others may only ask you to install their games. Similar to the paid surveys, there are lots of online platforms that give you virtual money for playing games, then you can redeem this virtual money for your favorite gift card. Some of these popular platforms are Idle-empire which is powered by Steam and in addition to gaming gift cards, gives you game skins and currencies.

Freeward is another legit way to get paid by playing games. After you signed up on the website you'll be able to see the hot offer walls. You can choose your favorite one and there will be many apps and game installation offers for you to complete (like the below picture). There are a title and description for each offer which will guide you through the earning process. For example in the below picture, the first offer is "Board Kings" available for Android and IOS devices. You'll get 5200 virtual coins for installing the game and finishing level 11 within a week. 5200 coins equal to a 4 USD gift card. So you will earn a free gift card for only playing a game :)

Get paid for playing games

4. Use a browser extension

There are many shopping extensions that have a cashback program. Once you install them, they will help you find deals and promo codes. Therefore you can enjoy shopping while you save money and besides you earn free gift cards. Two popular of them are Capital One Shopping and Honey which help you find coupon codes on various online stores.


5. Watch videos to earn

We watch videos every day on many social platforms or online services. But you don't usually earn money for watching a video! Now it's possible, duo to businesses which like to be seen or share specific information with users. iRazoo is an online tv that gives you gift cards and other rewards for just watching entertaining videos. The platform works similar to the previous ones we mentioned, you watch videos to get virtual coin/money and you will be able to redeem them for your favorite reward.

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