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How to earn Free PayPal Cash?

PayPal is a secure means of transferring money via email. The idea of ​​PayPal started from this simple point and quickly turned it into a financial hub in the world. PayPal is a payment and money transfer service that allows its users to create virtual or electronic accounts. Through the company's very secure accounts, you can transfer money, buy and sell and exchange currency on the Internet quickly and with an easy user interface.

Freeward is a legit reward platform that lets you earn free PayPal cash for doing simple and fun activities. The minimum withdrawal is $5, and you can also choose from other rewards available. There is just a few steps away from earning PayPal cash for free:

  1. Register on Freeward

Open the registration page to sign up on Freeward for free. You can either sign up with Facebook or Google accounts to save time or register with your email address if it works out better for you.

  1. Begin to earn coins

Once you have registered, you can earn coins by completing some tasks. You can do this by taking part in surveys, playing games and trying apps, watching entertaining videos, or subscribing to other services. Or invite your friends to earn a commission on their earnings. There are several ways to earn coins on this platform, as a result, you can find the most appropriate one.

  1. Get Free PayPal cash

When you earn enough coins ($5 or 5000 coins), you can redeem your coins for free PayPal cash. This credit will be delivered to you as soon as possible. Besides this, there are a lot of other rewards if you have any other interests.


What could I do with PayPal Cash?

PayPal allows its users to initially set up their account on the PayPal.com website in the simplest possible way and in the shortest possible time, with their personal or company information and using just one email. In the beginning, PayPal will ask you to create an account with your real information; However, in these steps, the company will not ask you for information to control and authenticate. Once you have an active PayPal account with a balance and connected to a bank account, you can use it from all ports that pay with PayPal.

Buying from a PayPal portal will always be safe and secure, and the only thing you need to pay attention to is that your payment must be through a valid portal. The most common uses of PayPal are as follows: Purchase from eBay, OnlineNic ​​account recharge, Directi account recharge, Resello account recharge, name.com account recharge, game account recharge, registration for international exams such as IELTS, University Application, US Green Card Registration, Software Purchase, Fast Money Transfer to Individuals and Companies.


More About PayPal

PayPal was founded in 1998 by Max Lucchini and Peter Teal, originally called Confinity. The company's initial idea was as an international currency out of government control. PayPal was initially exploited by hackers and economic and cybercriminals due to its novelty and unfamiliarity, and many used it as a method of money laundering. During the first months of PayPal's operations, cooperation with the company was banned by the US government. In 2000, eBay executives realized that many of their users were using the PayPal logo on their auction pages as a way to get money from customers. Therefore, eBay also included this service in its payment methods and provide facilities for it. The move by eBay led to a dramatic increase in the epidemic of PayPal usage, and in two months, the number of PayPal users increased from 100,000 to one million.

By expanding the scope of its services, PayPal has succeeded in increasing its popularity day by day and increasing its competitive distance from its competitors. Today, the company operates in more than 100 countries with 26 different currencies, and according to the company, currently has more than 165 million active users in the world.

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About Freeward

Freeward is a GPT (Get-Paid-To) website that pays users for completing tasks/offers and surveys. There are many ways you can earn and there are diverse rewards you can choose from. Our current available options are Bitcoin, PayPal Cash, and Gift cards including Amazon, Google Play, and also Steam gift cards. In addition, you can ask us to add a new payment option and we will check it. The minimum withdrawal is 5 USD (5000 coins).

The process of making money on this website is simple:

  • Step 1) You need to register on the website for free. In addition to email, you can sign up with your Google or Facebook account.

  • Step 2) Then you have to earn coins. There are several ways to do this but the primary ways are filling surveys and completing offers, you can earn thousands of coins by them.

  • Step 3) Now, you're able to exchange your coins for rewards such as Bitcoin, PayPal cash, and gift cards.

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