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Earn Free Valorant Points in 2023

Valorant is an awesome free-to-play first-person shooter for Microsoft Windows, crafted and published with love by Riot Games! Back in October 2019, they announced the game as "Project A". Then, on April 7, 2020, they treated us to a closed beta phase with restricted access, and finally, on June 2, 2020, they officially unleashed it upon us all. In this article, we're excited to share a legitimate way for you to score free Valorant points on Freeward.net! 🎉

Free Valorant points

Learn More About Free Valorant Points (VP)

Hey there! Inside the store, you'll find two areas: Featured and Offers. In both categories, players can use free Valorant Points to grab some awesome weapon skins that'll give their in-game weapons a whole new look. Keep in mind, Valorant Points (VP) are in-game currency that can only be obtained with real money in the game client. Want to know the cool part? You can snag up to four skins that you don't already own in the store's offers area, and the available options change every 24 hours. Happy shopping!

Every two weeks, the store's highlighted area is updated. Most of the time, the highlighted part will showcase new Riot skin releases, allowing players a limited chance to purchase them before they appear in the offers section. Players may either earn Valorant Points via the battle pass or buy them directly from the in-game store. Freeward.net is a website where you may get free Valorant points as well.

How Much Do Valorant Points Cost in Real World?

They come with a price tag, starting at £4.99 in the UK, granting you 525 VP (Valorant Points). This amounts to slightly over half the price of the Episode 1: Ignition Battle Pass or slightly under half the price of the exceptional Galleria Guardian skin, which costs 875 VP.

Valorant: Among the Leading FPS Games

Many believed Valorant would be the long-awaited FPS gem, a potential rival to dethrone CSGO. While it's hard to claim that Riot outshined Valve, they did carve their own niche and draw players from other titles, forging an eSports scene with boundless potential. Let's delve into Valorant's 2021 triumphs, comparing it to established eSports giants like Counter-Strike, Fortnite, and Overwatch. We'll explore player counts, Twitch viewership, and overall popularity on the beloved gaming broadcasting network.

Free Valorant points

Based on data from activeplayer.io, there was an average of 13,863,342 monthly active gamers in 2021. July saw the highest number of gamers at 14,901,147, while February recorded the lowest at 13,260,396.

What are the possible uses for Valorant Points?

In Valorant, three forms of in-game currency exist: Creds, Valorant Points (VP), and Radianite Points. While experience also holds value, serving as a form of currency in missions and contracts, Creds play a pivotal role during matches. Though they lack real-world worth, they possess significant value in the game, allowing players to purchase essential goods and skills during combat.

VP, on the other hand, offers both in-game and real-world utility. By utilizing VP, players can expedite their contract progression, while also having the option to purchase luxury skins and Radianite Points, which enhance firepower and weapon customization. The Store is where one can obtain Radianite Points, and the New Player Experience Contract additionally provides an avenue for earning them.

Lastly, for the avid collector, Valorant Points afford the opportunity to "upgrade" specific weapon skins within the game, providing unique reload and, at the highest level, death animations upon securing a headshot against an opponent.

In summary, Valorant offers a diverse range of currencies that enrich the gameplay experience, from essential purchases to heightened customization options.

Free Valorant points

Why Should You Consider Obtaining Free Valorant Points?

Each Radianite upgradeable weapon consists of seven levels, with the initial upgrade taking you to tier two. The first three levels require 10 RP each, while the latter three tiers cost 15 RP each, resulting in a total of 75 RP. You can acquire 80 Radianite Points for 4,800 Valorant Points, which is priced at £45. Therefore, fully upgrading a weapon will cost approximately £40 (hence, we suggest joining Freeward.net to obtain free Valorant Points legally).
The pricing of skins in Valorant has sparked debate within the community, with some expressing concerns about the value they provide in relation to their cost. However, the subjective worth of a weapon skin should be considered, especially since the game itself is free to play and this is Riot's chosen monetization approach. In light of this, if you believe that weapon skins are too expensive, it's advisable not to make a purchase.
By signing up for a Freeward.net account, completing a few paid surveys, watching videos, or finishing tasks, you can effortlessly earn your free Valorant Points. Once earned, you can promptly exchange them for Valorant Points and enjoy their benefits.

Earn Free Valorant Points in 2023

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