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Get League of Legends skins for free
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Get League of Legends skins for free

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18 Mar 2021

League of Legends is a world-famous game that has millions of players around the world. This game, which is very exciting and fascinating, has different parts. One of the sections that players like the most are its shells. Skins are an interesting part of the gameplay. Therefore, players are constantly looking to update or build their favorite skins. These skins can be made directly from the game store. It should be noted that these skins require payment, but there are ways you can get free league of legends skins.


Earn points in Freeward

Freeward, one of the GTP websites is are willing to pay for your league of legends free skins in exchange for certain tasks. This website is always yours! You will have a simple and easy task ahead of you. Just look at their simple process to understand everything. For example, the Freeward website is one of them. So You want to know how? Here we go!

  • Join Freeward: This is done with just a few clicks. Membership on this site is possible using email information. You can also use your Google and Facebook accounts.
  • Start receiving Freeward Coins: Once you have registered, certain tasks will be defined for you. You can take polls, install games and software, or watch videos. For each, a certain amount of coins will be received.
  • Get Free Riot Points: Once you have earned a certain amount of coins, you can spend it to redeem Riot Points gift codes and buy free skins for league of legends. This award will be delivered to you shortly.

Of course, there are other ways to earn a free league of legends skins. But, before going through it, it’s necessary to notice that forget some old posts, as like as:


Gift card/code generators? No! Not any more!

You may have found posts on a Google search that tell you we will give you free skin for a league of legends in exchange for following and subscribing to a YouTube or Facebook channel. We must say forget these posts because Riot Games does not currently offer any such services to its players. There is nothing called code generator, they are all scams. So, do not be happy with them. Also, forget about many streamers that claim to give away gift cards.

But you can expect to receive gifts from the company. Gifts that you will receive at special times. For example, you can wait for the official giveaway, which we will explain below.


Gifts from Riot Games

Riot Games, the creator of League of Legends, sometimes sends skins to its players. This is usually to congratulate the players on special occasions. For example, on the anniversary of the game's unveiling, Riot Games may send you a new, free skin, which, if you are optimistic, will be your favorite. Sometimes, the price of these skins can even be high. For example, when the company gave the Thousand-Pierced Bearskin to its players, it was priced at 975 RP. RP stands for Riot Point and its in-game currency.


Honor level

Each season, Honor level rewards give gifts to players who have been able to achieve. Of course, this gift may include different items. Free league of legends skins, honor capsules, or Blue Essence are among them. These gifts change with each passing season, and if you can get to a certain level of the game, you can win them.


Top players

If players can reach a certain level of performance at the end of each season, they can receive rewards for that season. League of Legends allows its top players to earn unparalleled awards according to their rankings. To receive these awards, you must be at least Platinum ranked. Prizes awarded to players will vary depending on their rank and season. The higher you rank, the more valuable prizes you will receive.


Skin shards

Skin Shards are one of the most effective ways to get free skins. Skin shards can be made through the Hextech Crafting system by opening Hextechs Chests. This method can take you to a large number of keys to unlock the skins. Of course, it should be borne in mind that these are not the skin itself, and to turn them into a real shell, you need to use orange essence.

In skins shards, you can follow another method. This method, called the re-roll function, can be very interesting in some cases. It works in such a way that by sacrificing three old shells, you can randomly insert them into a new shell. This way, you will have new skin. Of course, it should be noted that this method works randomly and you will not be free to choose the final result. But is it reasonable to use this method? We must say yes! Because it can quickly create a new and unique skin for you and get rid of former skins.

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