If you have a collection of Pokemon cards, and are wondering where you can sell them, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we’re going to provide you with some helpful information on how and where to sell Pokemon Cards.


  • Pokemon cards are a popular collectible item all over the world.
  • Depending on their condition and rarity, they can be very valuable.
  • There are many places where you can sell your Pokemon cards, including online shops, card-selling websites, and Facebook groups.

What are Pokemon Cards?

Pokemon cards were first released in Japan in 1996 and quickly became popular all over the world. These cards feature characters from the popular Pokemon video game franchise and have had many new sets and versions released over the years.

Millions of people play Pokemon cards around the world, and it has become a popular part of youth culture. Fans of all ages continue to enjoy the game. next we will talk about where to sell pokemon cards online?

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What Pokemon Cards are Valuable?

There are a few different types of Pokemon cards that are more valuable than others. These are:

  • Holographic cards: These cards have shiny, reflective backgrounds.
  • Shining Pokemon cards: These cards are the opposite of holographic cards, with a matte finish and holographic artwork.
  • Full-art cards: The illustrations on these cards cover the entire front of the card, with no border.
  • First-edition cards: These cards were among the first to be printed and have the Edition 1 logo in the bottom left corner of the Pokemon illustration.

Tips for Buying and Selling Pokemon Cards

Before selling the Pokemon cards that you have, there are a few points that you need to consider. By following these tips, you can increase your chances of selling your Pokemon cards for the best possible price.

  • Do your research to know the market value of your cards.
  • Be honest about the condition of your cards. Also, make sure to take good photos of your cards from all angles.
  • Use the correct name and specifications of your cards in the title and description.
  • Specify who will pay for shipping.
  • Don’t suddenly change the price of your cards after they’ve been listed.
  • Be sure to follow the rules of the online marketplace where you’re selling your cards.

What Factors Can Affect the Pokemon Cards Value?

Generally speaking, the following factors affect the value of Pokemon cards:

  • Condition: Pokemon cards that are in good condition are more valuable than cards that are damaged. So before deciding to sell, make sure that you check for scratches, wear and tear, and water damage.
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  • Printing Defects: Printing defects can make a Pokemon card more or less valuable, depending on the severity of the defect.
    Minor defects, such as a slightly misaligned border, can lower the value of a card. Major defects, such as a miscut card or a card with misprinted art, can actually increase the value of a card.
  • Rarity: Rare Pokemon cards are more valuable than common cards. Rare cards have a star symbol in the bottom left or right corner.
  • Authentication: Pokemon cards that have been authenticated and graded by a reputable service are more valuable. This is because buyers know that the cards are in good condition and have been properly graded.
How to Sell Your Pokemon Cards

How to Sell Your Pokemon Cards

If you want to sell your Pokemon cards, make sure that you follow these steps:

  1. First, you need to determine the value of your card by exploring card-selling websites and trading forums. The condition of your card plays a significant role in its final price.
  2. Once you find that your card holds value, you can list it on a reliable online marketplace such as TCGplayer, eBay, or CCG Castle.
  3. When creating your listing, ensure to provide detailed information about the card. If you’re including a photo, it should clearly display the card and its details.

Where to Sell Your Pokemon Cards

1- Online Shops

There are several popular online marketplaces where collectors and enthusiasts buy and sell Pokemon cards.

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  • You get access to a large audience of potential buyers.
  • These online shops have robust seller tools and safety features.
  • The final sale value in some of these online shops is often slightly above the market value.


  • Listings can be time-consuming to create in these shops.
  • These shops may charge you high fees for selling your Pokemon cards.


eBay is a great place to sell graded Pokemon cards because it is a popular marketplace among collectors. You should be prepared to get inquiries from knowledgeable buyers, who may ask you questions about the condition of the cards.

eBay is free for casual sellers, but if you start listing more than 250 items per month, you will be charged $0.35 per listing.

This may not seem like much, but it can add up if you are selling thousands of cards. On the plus side, eBay helps you with shipping and collecting fees.

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Mercari is another great place to sell your Pokemon card collection online. It has unique promotional tools that can help you get top dollar for your cards.

To use these tools, You only need to set a price for your collection that is slightly above the market value of your cards. Then, let Mercari automatically drop the price over time until a buyer makes an offer.

Each time the price is dropped, your listing will get a boost in the algorithm, which will make it more visible to potential buyers.

Mercari also has a floor price feature, which protects you from selling your collection at a price you’re unhappy with.

If your listing reaches the floor price and hasn’t sold yet, you can simply delete it and recreate it with a new floor price. This will give your listing a fresh algorithmic boost and increase your chances of selling.


It is difficult to sell Pokemon cards on Amazon because there is a lot of competition. However, you can still be successful if you list your cards strategically.

Amazon does not charge listing fees unless you have a high volume of sales, and they only charge you when you sell an item. This means that there is no risk in listing your cards on Amazon, even if you do not sell them.

One way to increase your chances of success is to list your cards on Amazon and promote them elsewhere, such as on social media. This will help you to reach a wider audience of potential buyers.

One disadvantage of choosing Amazon for selling your Pokemon Cards is that buyers are not always looking for collectible deals. This means that you are competing with other brand-new products, which can make it difficult to get your listing found.

To overcome this, you’d better use specific keywords for your cards and include high-quality, realistic photos in your listings.

2- Card Shops

There are many online shops that can help you sell your Pokemon cards. Below we’ll delve into some of the most popular card shops.


  • You might be able to sell your Pokemon cards collection quickly.
  • Some of these websites offer you an Amazon-like experience.
  • Some of these websites offer you a price guide that helps you quickly price their cards.


  • Some of these websites might not have a user-friendly interface.
  • You may not be able to sell your cards at a good price.


TCGplayer is a great place to sell your Pokemon cards if you have rare or valuable cards that you are willing to sell at a fair price. It is the largest niche card marketplace in the world and is known for its easy-to-use app and price guide.

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The user interface can be a bit cluttered, but TCGplayer remains a good overall tool for sellers to reach a large audience of potential buyers. TCGplayer Direct offers an Amazon Prime-like experience for buyers, with free shipping on orders over $35.

Troll and Toad

Troll and Toad is another online marketplace for selling your Pokemon cards. They offer a Buylist feature that allows sellers to quickly sell their collection.

To use the Buylist, sellers simply need to ship their cards to Troll and Toad, who will then pay them based on the condition of the cards.

Troll and Toad will specify the particular cards they need and will provide a projected cash offer based on the condition. After the seller sends in the cards, they will receive a cash payment within five business days.

Troll and Toad is a good option for sellers who need to sell their collection quickly and don’t want to spend time researching market values. However, it is important to mention that sellers will be paid just below market value for their cards.

CCG Castle

CCG Castle is a website where you can sell your Pokemon cards for cash or store credit. They have a BuyList mode that allows you to quickly sell the cards that they are currently interested in buying. You can also find specific cards to sell by using the category and subcategory filters.

CCG Castle pays in PayPal cash or store credit, but you will need to pay for shipping. If you only have a few cards to sell, the shipping price may be too high to make the sale worthwhile.

Cape Fear Games

Another place to sell your Pokemon cards is Cape Fear Games. This platform is specifically designed for gamers and collectors. It allows you to directly sell to interested buyers listed on the platform.

Cape Fear Games has a list of cards they are interested in purchasing, along with an approximate price for each. If your cards match their requirements, you can reach out to them directly to negotiate a price.

Payment options provided by Cape Fear Games include PayPal, cash, MTGOTraders credit, or store credit. If they are interested in your cards, they will send you a confirmation email.

Card Cavern

Card Cavern is a website where you can sell or trade Pokemon TCG Online (PTCGO) codes. This is helpful if you have unredeemed PTCGO codes that you want to sell for a profit. Once the sale is finalized, you will send the code to the buyer via email.

Also, Card Cavern offers the option to sell both individual and bulk cards. However, the availability of this service depends on Card Cavern’s specific needs, so there might be a waiting period until their Buylists are open and you can check which cards they are currently interested in purchasing.

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3- Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups focused on Pokemon are without a doubt some of the best online venues for selling Pokemon cards, mainly due to their low seller fees and the high buying interest.

These groups are designed as a space for collectors to gather, showcase their collections, engage in conversation, and of course, buy and sell Pokemon cards.

It’s important to strictly adhere to the rules of each group, which may vary slightly. Failure to do so could result in permanent expulsion from the community. 


  • Real-time conversations help to reduce confusion and make it easier to exchange information, such as additional card images.
  • Buyers in Facebook groups are all potential customers for your cards.


  • Listing your cards can be time-consuming, especially if you are selling a large number of cards.
  • Beginner sellers are more likely to be scammed.

Final Words

Each option has its own pros and cons, so it is important to choose the one that is right for you based on your needs and goals.

For example, if you have rare or valuable cards that you are willing to sell at a fair price, TCGplayer is a great option, or if you need to sell your collection quickly and don’t want to spend time researching market values, Troll and Toad is a good option.

No matter which option you choose, make sure to do your research and compare prices before you sell your cards. This will help you get the best possible deal.

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