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Freeward advanced guide (how to make $250)

Freeward advanced guide (how to make $250)

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28 Jan 2022

These are offers that many people do to actually reach the top of the leaderboards for the bonuses. Within this guide, we will talk about expanding on what you've already done with the starter guide. If you haven't read the starter guide, we recommend you go and take a look! The guide can be found here.

Now that you are armed with the information you need in terms of how the offers work. We can move into a guide that will show you how you can make $250 with just a couple of games and a bit of time.

A recommendation is to start with a fresh phone or new phone if you have one. Also, a lot of these offers are available on both Android AND iOS, so they can be done on both. Doubling the amount of money you can potentially make from this guide.

Power Note: Do remember that offers that were ONCE THERE and DISAPPEAR have only been completed for the day. If you give it some time, they will refresh with the offers. A good example of this is adgem, most people don't know that refresh time for the wall is around 12-1 am EST. Lootably wall typically updates around 10 pm EST. So be sure to surf the walls often for updates! In other words, if you wanted to do an offer that no longer shows up. You can wait for the wall to refresh/refill its tasks



Game Offers:

Board Kings - Reach/Complete level 12

This game is A LOT easier than many think. It can be a little time-consuming, but not hard to complete within a day. The first thing that you should do is go to fcswap and add your code. You get quite a few rolls and gems from adding people. JUST BE SURE that you remove them RIGHT AFTER adding them. Otherwise, they can and WILL come and take your coins. Also, there are little events on some boards where you need to land on the bullseye spot. If you can, try and complete these, as they give more gold/gems/rolls. To speed up how long it takes, you can easily buy a pack or two of rolls depending on how many you need. There are a few specials they will run as you play. I do recommend spending time doing the daily spin again for quite a few rolls. Aside from that, it's just as simple as spinning and building up your buildings.

Blackout Bingo - Deposit and Play 5 PAID Games

This is a VERY easy offer to complete. Simply register and deposit $10 using their $10 bonus with it. Then go and simply play some, recommend playing at least 10 games. After which, give it a bit of time to come through as credited. The game is pretty straightforward. I found that by saving up your "bonuses'' from bingo, you can actually achieve some very high scores. Instead of using them immediately, they 2 build up or even max it out at three before using them. This will grant you better chances of being able to walk away with the win, too. Yes, you can cash out your winnings if you would like to. Just bear in mind, that they MAIL CHECKS.

Chief Almighty - Tribe Center Level and Unlocking the Wild Girls

This is a base-building game like mafia city and grand mafia. Depending on what your task is will determine what part of this guide applies. When it comes to the babes, after the 4th one, the profit drastically diminishes. So for profit's sake stopping at the fourth babe would be as far as recommended. Unless you have extra time to reach 19 for the 5th. The wild girls unlock at tribe centers 7 11 16 19. The easiest way to manage this is first of course looking at the first recharge bonus is. After which you would want to grab the level 7 pack and level 11 pack to reach 16 without too many issues.

Evony - Reach Keep Level 21/22

This offer is A LOT easier than people realize. The cost of this offer is 15$. After you finish the initial tutorial and the talking. You will want to go to the recharge bonus and purchase the 5$ pack. IF IT IS NOT A WEEKEND OR NOT AN ACTIVE MULTIPLE 2x COUPON EVENT SAVE YOUR 2x COUPON FOR THE 10$ PACK!!! Use the 2x coupon on the 10$ pack to maximize what you get for your money. If they have multiple coupons event going then 2x coupon both purchases.

After doing so you want to go through your inventory and open up everything you got from your packs. You will want to be sure that you ONLY upgrade the buildings that you need to for the keep to level up. Otherwise, you waste speed-ups and currency. When you are using your speed-ups, make sure that you check to see what is being used first. As the game doesn't maximize your speed-ups for use. If you do not do this, you will end up using more speed-ups than necessary. You will get to a point near the end where you will need to use your currency to finish upgrading buildings. If you get close to the end but, don't have enough to finish. You can always grab up a speedup pack for 5$ to finish things up. You shouldn't have to if you open everything up.

Evony - 5 Star General

This offer is done pretty easily. It is just kind of annoying. Same with the keep offer in terms of purchase packages. It will cost about 15$ to do this offer. This offer actually credits at the 4th star. The easiest way to do this is to recruit a gray general to star and level up. Level up, keep to 13, then make the market and do the same. After which you will spend the rest of what you get in terms of currency on buying all the general and hero experience items off the market. After spending 50k currency you can go to the one event and get a return for most of the medals needed. You will still need to grab about 140 medals off the market. They come in packs of 20 and rare cases of 100. You will need to get your commander to level 18 and your general to level 18 to get the 4th star. In the end, you should spend just about all your currency in the market for exp for your commander and general to get to 18.

Evony - Million power

This one is pretty straightforward. You simply just build and keep recruiting troops. In the end, it's essentially just keeping busy upgrading, and making troops. Kind of annoying but absolutely doable. You can pay a few bucks and grab a pack with a double coupon to speed things up. However, this is one of the few offers I wouldn't spend much on to complete, as the reward is usually not too high. However, if you find one for a decent value. Definitely worth doing. Remember that buildings as well as your commander and generals levels matter in terms of power. In research matters, so again it is all about just keeping the building.

Evony - Occupy Purple city

I'm going to start with this offer which is extremely annoying. It's the same as most offers, you will need to have around 1.5 million power in a MOVABLE ARMY... which means you will need to do the researching and leveling up to get to the point you have high tier units as well as a decent general and the research to increase march size. After that, it is as simple as finding the purple city by looking around the map until you find it. I'm sure there is probably an easier way to find it may be but, I just went with a simple just look for it.

Kingdom of Avalon - Reach Level 17/21/22

Alright, so this game has a few moving parts. Do bear in mind the packs don't give the best and they get pricey. I've found grabbing the medal packs and the competitive packs are the best options. Anytime you WILL NOT be playing like sleeping working etc. Put up buildings to go while you sleep. This will save you resources in terms of speed-ups and gold later. In terms of level 17 keep I usually spend about $20ish, so I would imagine about 40$ to hit 21/22 if using the competitive packs. The same applies in terms of city-building games. Stick to doing the buildings required. Definitely make sure that you are leveling up your appointed generals if you will. These recruits and an army comes in extremely handy in the path and boat stuff that gives an insane amount of resources. When you run low, this is a must-do to get them. It's a big part of completing this offer actually.

Mafia City - Hit Level 15/16/20/ (Rare Cases 25)

Mafia city for the keep levels is the same as any city builder. You will naturally want to get packages that will advance you further at the least cost possible. Usually, a $5 and $10 purchase with the initial $1 recharge will get you to 16. So, it wouldn't be crazy to reach 15 with only a $1 and $5 recharge. Definitely grabbing the competitive packs will help you progress much faster. The rumors are the level 25 one credits at 20. This could be true, however, if not. Expect to spend more.

Mafia City - Unlock 10 babes

As with the chief, this is one that doesn't go any further than the 5th babe as they cost QUITE A BIT from what I've seen and read. This offer is fairly easy and with any city builder, focus on ONLY what allows you to increase the mansion. The reason being is the levels of the mansion correlate to which bases you unlock.

Babe 1 = Mansion 3

Babe 2 = Mansion 7

Babe 3 = Mansion 11

Babe 4 = Mansion 16

Babe 5 = Mansion 19

I personally stop after hitting 16 as the cost outweighs the reward in most cases for this offer. The same applies to this offer, you will be wanting to do your missions naturally and open everything. In terms of purchases, I recommend buying the first recharge pack for 1$ as it gives you someone that has a pretty massive free time pass up to I believe it was 30 minutes. Pretty handy early level as it saves a lot of time, speed-ups, effort. If I recall correctly, I bought the level 7 and 11 packs. IF you want to buy the next up pack, that one is one for you.

Plague of Z - Keep Level 21/22

This game is made by the same company as Evony and is essentially the same game reskinned. So the Evony Keep Level 21/22 Guide applies when it comes to this game. You can reference that game to help you complete this one very easily. It's the same game and just looks a little different.

Plague of Z - 4 Star Hero

Again, same maker as Evony. You can use the guide for Evony’s 5-star general to help you complete this. The only difference is later on depending on which events are going on. You MIGHT have to put in extra to get the medals needed for the last star. There should be an event that gives back for spending and it should include medals. If not find a pack that does, or you can battle monsters to get them.

Plague of Z - Occupy Purple City

Exactly the same as the Evony - Occupy Purple City guide.

Raid - 2/4/6 Void Offers

There are a series of 3 different offers for this. One for 2 voids, 4, and one for 6 (which is multiple on Lootably)

2 voids - hit level 15 and wait till you see the 3 voids for 9.99$ and open... done
4 voids - hit level 15 and grab the 3 void pack, then finish the campaign for the 4th. As you will be almost halfway through when you get 15 anyways.
6 voids - This one has 3 different parts as it's open 2 then 4 then 6. The best option I've done that has been consistent is buying the level 10 pack and then buying the 3 voids for 9.99$

Raid - 2 Voids Level 25 and Level 40

This one is a little more involved. Personally, I go with the level 10 pack for the sacred and extra ancient shards if nothing else materials. As they will be needed to reach level 40. Bear in mind that this offer does take a bit of time to complete. They do have options for energy and auto battles that come later. That is an optional purchase and personally found it more fun to play through to 40, plus much more profitable naturally.

Raid - 2 Sacred Shards

This one is really simple. Buy level 10 pack, then buy 1 of the sacred for 15$ from the offer provided. Open them and be done. Do bear in mind that sometimes these have a delay. ESPECIALLY on the AyetStudio wall. I've seen delays up to 24-48 hours. So give 72 hours before making any tickets first.

State of Survival - HQ level 20/21/22

This game offer can be a bit annoying as at a certain part you have to obtain a certain amount of "prestige" if you want to be able to level up your HQ. It is a little more time-consuming but, easily doable nonetheless. Again, with any city builder. Get as far as possible without using any speedups etc, then use sparingly. This is the same as any 5$ recharge and 10$ recharge and possibly another recharge of 5-10$ may be necessary depending on how much you play. Same as always, upgrade only what you need to and be sure you stay busy.

The Grand Mafia - Green/Blue Enforcers

So this is an offer that I personally tend to steer away from. It is doable but extremely time-consuming and costly in some circumstances as you need to farm and buy the pieces to upgrade each enforcer. I'm not going to provide too much of an explanation as all you really need to do is just play and keep upgrading your enforcers by doing the corresponding missions within the section that offers you to fight bosses. I usually do not do them if I can't just pass them fast.

The Grand Mafia - Level 17

The cost of this one can vary a little. Usually, it's around 15-20$ depending on how you do it. Just remember as with any city builder in this guide. Use everything sparingly, try and hold as much as possible till you absolutely need them.

The Walking Dead - Make A Purchase

This offer is pretty straightforward. However, the rumors are the purchase has to be 5$ or more. So just keep that in mind when doing this offer. It is worth a couple of extra bucks if you can find it for over 5$ pay.

World Series of Poker - Open 2 hands/Pick the highest hand 5 times IN A ROW

This offer is a little bit of a pain. When you first download the game and after the initial pop-ups bombard your face. At the middle of the bottom of the screen will be something called a daily blitz. You will go there and you will have 15 seconds to guess 5 hands in a row right. It's that simple, you CAN purchase a second chance for 2 or 3$? Nonetheless a pretty straightforward and not too complicated offer. If you don't get it the first time, each day your time is extended. So bear that in mind as well.

World Series of Poker - Reach level 50/51

So for this one you are going to want to go to the Caribbean table and go against the house. It's quicker, and a LOT easier than going to the other tables. As you play and make money you can increase your bet. This is supposed to be the easiest way to do this offer. You could buy a pack or two to give yourself more chips if needed. However, if things change so will the guides.


Non-Game Offers:

Chime/Aspiration + Long Game - Connect chime to the long game

This one is pretty straightforward. You will connect the long game to the chime account. This will actually cause them to complete one another. A pretty nice little trick for those who've known about it. Also, there was one for doing a card swipe with a long game or something to that extent. I would imagine the only difference would be using their/your card. Which card they are asking for use of.

Varo - Create An Account And Fund

This one is another very easy one. Just create an account and fund the account with what it asks for, this also gives you an account with Chime to use with doing game offers. This way you can keep your game money and profit separate. Something I advise anyone to do.

The Epoch Times - Sub for 1$

This one is a simple subscription that costs 1$, if you do not want it after just simply remember to cancel it. Not much more to it, again I would advise using a Chime/Varo account to not get it into your personal accounts.

Etoro - Deposit 20/50/200

This offer has three different options and I believe it depends on the wall and location. It is pretty straightforward, you make an account and deposit what it asks. After which you buy whatever it is you want. After doing so you are good to go. You will go through a verification process, which is normal with any crypto trading platform.

Home Chef

This offer requires you to order a box of food. The offer states that only 1 shipment must be at your home. Canceling after the 1st order arrives at your house should be ok.


Make a verified account with them and deposit 5$. You do need a valid CC for this offer!


Create a new account with a bank account linked to it and deposit 10$


Now, you are ready to earn your first $250, Let's start!

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