First, we want to welcome you to Freeward, and thank you for choosing us as your earning site! We hope this guide will help those who are new to the whole “get paid to” part of the internet. Also, we hope it will help those who are new to Freeward to get around a little easier as well! For those who may be wondering what GPT sites are, we would say these are sites that pay you to do the tasks they offer. Whether they are games, surveys, shopping, videos, and much more.

a) Registration and What to Expect

It is always wise to read through the terms of service and to understand the platform before using it. This will save drastic amounts of time for you in the long term, and will also help the support staff not have to answer the same questions over and over again. This FAQ/Guide will company you from registration to withdrawal. So buckle up, pay attention, and feel free to take notes so that you do not forget.
In terms of the registration process, it is fairly straightforward. On Freeward, you can sign up in a few seconds and start earning. Most of the time, you’ll get paid instantly, while a few of the tasks have to be on hold for a short time due to fraud attempts. So look at it in terms of useful investment funding for other games or offers when it is released.

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Realize you must NEVER use VPN/emulator software. This will end up in your account termination, and in most cases, NO SITE will tolerate it. Now aside from that, once you have registered… the real work actually begins.

b) Understanding Terms of Service

We don’t think people really read the terms of service, and this can cause major issues later. Most ToS is a lot shorter than people would think. However, it is always wise to read to see what the site’s terms are when it comes to offers. This will help you understand a little more of the process that the site has to go through as well.

As GPT sites are built to present multiple walls for users to cash out from in a single place. In some cases, these walls aren’t available for a lot of people unless presented on a platform like so. We won’t go into a bunch of detail about the ToS other than DYOR (do your own research) and read. This way YOU are informed.

c) Making a Plan

The biggest problem we see new users run into a lot is the fact they go head first without a plan. Start with something simple in terms of a goal, and as you get more familiar with everything. Increase your goals. Things are a lot easier to do on GPT sites than a lot of people make it out to be. Something simple to start with, say make $10. Once you reach that point, you COULD take the $10 and invest it into doing other games to speed through them. Many people actually do this. Yes, it does cut into how much profit you get. But, it cuts drastically on the time it takes to do the offer.

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d) Preparing

There are a few things that people need to be aware of before they start doing offers, surveys, etc. One of the biggest problems is having an ad-blocking software. It actually CAN interfere with your tracking cookie, causing it to not actually track your offers at all.
Another very important thing about phone game offers. BEFORE you click, you’re tracking link within your email or text. BE SURE you are on data FIRST before clicking the link. AFTER YOU START the download and get a percent or two downloaded, turn your Wi-Fi back on to conserve data. A lot of the offer walls seem to track much better when the offer is initially done through data prior to opening up Wi-Fi. If you cannot afford to do so, then understand that some offers are really hit or miss when it comes to doing the games outside Wi-Fi or at least clicking the link and starting the download first.

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Also realize that if you have played the game before, there will be leftovers even after you have uninstalled the game. So we wouldn’t recommend trying to do it. Otherwise, you just risk losing money. No one likes losing money, let’s be realistic. You can also buy cheap android phones to do the offers. Many people do this to complete multiple games at a time.

e) Executing Your Plan

To get an idea of which offers you want to do. Start with free offers to get a feel for how things work.
The following offers are recommended:
1. House of fun – this is usually the first one most people will start with. It is a pretty straightforward thing to accomplish. Simply bet ONLY 100 UNTIL YOU HIT A JACKPOT OVER 30,000,000 at this point. Just max bet and spam the spin/stop button.

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2. Slotomania – pretty straightforward game to do, just follow doing the dashes each day. It’s not about how many coins you have, or what level you are in this game. The best bet is to pay attention to your dash objectives. At a certain point about halfway through. You do have the ability to change your gems in for a refresh on your super dash. So try and save as many as you can. When it says to spin 500 times, then naturally bet the lowest amount possible. Don’t waste coins unnecessarily.
3. Scatter slots – same with slotomania, however, this one is level-based. Each level has a series of slots you pick from with a different task. Each slot when you choose for the level will have a different icon, and each icon indicates what the objective is. Simply reach the set level.
These are just the top 3 that tend to be the most recommended with an average payout of roughly 50+$ depending on what the offer wall is offering.

f) Maximizing Profits

This brings me to the next part. You can take the money you have made and actually turn around and invest it into games like mafia city, raid, and many more to drastically speed things up. You may pay 5-10-15+ dollars to do a few of them. But with BeerMoney Reddit, there are numerous guides as to how to properly do each task, a free way and paid way. You can be the judge of whether you rather invest the time or the money into completion.

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A one really well-known place to find guides on a lot of the games are found on
Pro guide link 1 => Reddit beermoney
Pro guide link 2 => Reddit swagbucks

g) Cashing out

Alright, so now you have reached your first desired payout. You will first need to decide WHAT you want. You can choose from Crypto(BTC, LTC, USDT, etc.), PayPal, Gift cards, etc. and then add the appropriate information for cashout. To do so, you simply go to the withdrawal tab. After which you would select your payout and proceed.
Again, we here at Freeward want to thank you for choosing Freeward as a place to earn money in your spare time! To show our love, we always try our best to offer the absolute highest payouts we possibly can to you, our loyal users. On top of this, we will always strive to improve and expand!
You can start earning here. Good luck!

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