These are offers that many people do to actually reach the top of the leaderboards for the bonuses. Within this guide, we will talk about expanding on what you’ve already done with the starter guide. If you haven’t read the starter guide, we recommend you go and take a look! The guide can be found here.

Now that you are armed with the information you need in terms of how the offers work. We can move into a guide that will show you how you can make $250 with just a couple of games and a bit of time.

A recommendation is to start with a fresh phone or new phone if you have one. Also, a lot of these offers are available on both Android AND iOS, so they can be done on both. Doubling the amount of money you can potentially make from this guide.

Power Note: Do remember that offers that were ONCE THERE and DISAPPEAR have only been completed for the day. If you give it some time, they will refresh with the offers. A good example of this is adgem, most people don’t know that refresh time for the wall is around 12-1 am EST. Lootably wall typically updates around 10 pm EST. So be sure to surf the walls often for updates! In other words, if you wanted to do an offer that no longer shows up. You can wait for the wall to refresh/refill its tasks


Raid shadow legends Mobile- Open 2 shards- (Theorem-Reach wall)

This offer takes around 45 minutes to an hour to complete, a lot shorter than users may think. This will cost roughly $30 but you will get back $66 just for 45 minutes of your time. You will need to Install and open the app, this offer should take roughly 30 minutes if you are ok with spending $30.

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You will want to play until you reach level 11-12, and a pack should show up called the sacred summons pack. This costs $15 and you can purchase it up to 3 times. You will want to buy two of these, and once you buy them, go to your game inbox and claim them, then open them.

MAKE SURE to open the shards otherwise you will not receive credit. If the sacred summons pack does not show up, you will want to keep closing the game and restarting until it pops up. The offer credits 3 minutes after you open BOTH shards. I personally think this game is one of the best out there to make a quick $66.

Caesars slots- Level 301 (RevU wall)

This offer will take close to 10 hours of playing to complete. Personally it may seem a bit difficult at first, but once you start playing for a bit then it will get easier. You will start off by playing any slot of your choice.

Play the game at a minimum bet until you see the offer pop up for 3x EXP. You will need this pack to get you through the game quicker. Play the slot until you unlock the slot called WILD HOWL DELUX. This game gives you the best ROI. You should bet 2% of your balance consistently, as you are likely to hit a jackpot of some kind. Make sure to ration out your credits so you can make it to level 301. You can earn a good $35 from playing this game!

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Ant Legion- Nest level 22 (MM wall)

This offer is a base-building game like Rise of kingdoms, and Empire 4 kings. It will take a week, but a lot of it is sitting waiting for timers to go down. Although level 22 may seem impossible to get to, it certainly is possible but will require a decent amount of work. This offer will cost you $5.

When you get into the game you will want to eventually purchase the $5 three star builder gear pack, this will lower your building costs by a lot. You will want to upgrade your nest, by doing this you will need a lot of resources OR speedups.

You can join an alliance, and complete missions to gather speedups which may be used to speed up the building time. If there is a special event going on, this will definitely help you out a lot, so make sure to check them out. You will make around $32 on this offer.

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ABC mouse- Install and open! (Notik wall)

This is Extremely easy and will take no more than 5 minutes of your time. You will want to install ABC mouse and view their content for a few minutes, and you will receive 30 cents for this. There are A LOT of these install and open offers, and the money will add up very quickly.

Block Blitz- Install and open! (Offertoro wall, and Adgate media wall)

This offer is Extremely easy as all you need to do is install the app and open! Your coins will credit the account immediately!

Uber Eats- First order (RevU)

This offer is not only rewarding, but very delicious! You will need to download the Uber Eats app and purchase your first order. This can be for pickup or delivery. You will receive roughly $9 back on this offer.

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Forge of empires- Middle early age (MM wall)

This game is a base-building game similar to Ant legions. You will need to reach the middle early age within 10 days to receive an $11 payout! Make sure to join a building club, and get forge points. This will help you speed up the game and get that reward early. This game takes roughly 5 days to complete.

Survey Junkie- Earn 500 points (Notik wall)

This offer will take a few hours or less to complete, but is mighty worth it since you will be getting back close to $12! You will sign up for survey junkie, take some surveys and when you are at 500 points ($5), cash out your earnings and you will be getting the bonus $12 with it!

Deezer- Free Trial (Monlix wall)

This offer takes just a minute to complete. You will download the deezer app, sign up for the free trial, and you will receive $1.50 for this offer!

Robokiller- Free Trial (Adgate media)

Are you sick of those spam calls everyday? Earn $3.60 for downloading the Robokiller app and signing up for their free trial!

Yahtzee dice- Level 7 (Offertoro)

This is a decent offer if you’re looking for some fun. You will need to play up until level 7, and when you hit that goal you’ll receive $2.60 for completing it!

Match Masters- 1700 (Adgate media)

This offer will take roughly 3 hours of your time, in return for close to $24. You will want to play the match rumble, as this will get you there quicker. Silver and diamond boosters will help you win matches, which will get you closer to your goal. Note: There is a chance you may be credited at level 1100 instead of 1700, this would make the game go by even quicker for you!

Non-game offers

Draftkings Sportsbook- $10 deposit (RevU wall)

In my opinion this offer is one of the quickest and most fun to do. As long as you are 21 or older, you can complete this offer. You will download the app, create your account, and deposit at least $10. You must wager it 1x in order to receive credit for it. If you bet smart, you’ll be able to reach the wager requirements and cash out the balance as well as your reward for completing the offer! This will pay you out roughly $47.50 just for signing up and wagering $10.

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Stash- $5 deposit (MM wall)

This offer is a very quick and easy one to do. Stash is an investment app for beginners. For this offer you will need to sign up for Stash, and deposit AT LEAST $5. You can choose to cash it out after a day, or keep it in there and invest in Crypto, Stocks, a 401k, and more! You’ll earn around $37.50 from this one!

Wild casino- $30 deposit (RevU wall)

This offer is VERY easy and fun to do. You will sign up for a wild casino account, deposit at least $30 and wager it 1x. Although this offer will only pay you $25, it is a lot of cashback, plus you can easily profit if you wager low amounts on certain games to get the best ROI, in order to cash out your remaining balance!

NOVO business checking deposit- $50 deposit (RevU wall)

This is a very good paying offer to do, as you will receive $64 for the completion. You will want to sign up for a NOVO business checking account and deposit $50 in there. Once you do this, you will be able to spend it, save it, or eventually take it out. I believe this is one of the better banking offers out there.

Norton mobile security- $4.99 trial (Lootably wall)

This is a very EASY offer to do, as you will just need to purchase a $4.99 Norton security subscription for your device. You do not need to use the subscription, but I recommend it as they help better protect your devices. This offer pays out $6.50, which is a money back plus some profit!

SiriusXM- $1 subscription (Revu, MM wall, Adgate, and Bitlabs wall!)

For this offer you will only need to sign up for the $1 subscription. It will last 3 months and pays on average $5 or more!

Pokerstars casino- $10 deposit (MM wall)

This offer is the best paying casino offer out there, as you will receive a whopping $135 for only depositing $10 and wagering it over 1x. The kicker is that this offer is only available in select states, so check out your MM wall and see if you’re eligible for this pay day.

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Lucra- $10 deposit (RevU and MM wall)

This offer will take roughly 5 minutes, as all you need to do is sign up for Lucra friends sports betting app, and you will need to deposit $10. This offer pays $25 back, so you will profit $15 and have some fun with your friends at the same time!

Now, you are ready to earn your first $250, Let’s start!

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