You might have heard of Wonder Time, an app that promises to pay you hundreds of dollars just for playing games. Just like many apps with the same claim, it seems too good to be true. In what follows, we’ll explain all you need to know about the Wonder Time app, and help you find out whether it is a legitimate way to make money online.


  • Wonder Time promises high rewards for playing games, but mainly bombards users with ads.
  • Earning advertised amounts seems unrealistic, requiring excessive ad viewing and playtime.
  • Consider alternative reward platforms like Freeward for safer and more engaging experiences.

What is the Wonder Time App?

Wonder Time is basically a game launcher app that lets you play other games within it. Think of it like a hub for various games from different studios.

Wonder Time app

This means you’ll need a lot of storage space on your phone to accommodate all the games, but the upside is you get to choose from a wide variety of options and potentially earn rewards while playing.

While earning rewards for playing games isn’t new, Wonder Time promises significantly higher payouts than similar apps.

They claim you can earn hundreds of dollars, which seems too good to be true. Most legitimate apps in this category only pay a few dollars at most.

Note: The Wonder Time app, at the time of writing this blog post, is available in neither the Play Store nor the App Store. However, you can find its APK version on third-party websites.

Wonder Time: How Does it Work?

Wonder Time claims to offer you the chance to make money by just playing games. Before you start downloading the app, let’s understand how it works and potential drawbacks to consider.


Unlike other apps, Wonder Time skips the registration process, allowing you to jump straight into the fun. Simply download the app and start exploring.

Registering on Wonder Time

How it Works:

  • Browse Offers: Wonder Time shows you games from other studios offering rewards for playing.
  • Choose a Game: Select a game that interests you or offers the highest reward. Make sure you haven’t played it before because the rewards are only for new players.
  • Download and Play: Download the game from the app and play for the required duration or reach the specified level.
  • Wait for Reward: Rewards can take up to 24 hours to appear in your Wonder Time account. However, accessing support for any issues is apparently impossible.
Wonder Time interface

Cashing Out:

Wonder Time only offers withdrawals through PayPal. The minimum payout is $10, requiring a hefty 1,000,000 coins. Higher amounts are available but with even more coins needed.

Is the Wonder Time App Legit?

To tell you the truth, Wonder Time is not a legitimate app, and like many other scams available out there, it is a total waste of time. Let’s find out why:

  1. Cashout Confusion: The app asks you to link your money account, making it seem like you can withdraw cash easily. But the options advertised aren’t even available in all regions.
  2. Not So Much Gameplay: They say you can earn coins by playing games, but it’s mostly about watching ads. That’s right, watching ads. Not exactly the fun gaming experience you were expecting.
  3. Big Rewards, Small Reality: Earning the big money they advertise (like $5,000!) seems impossible for most players. You need tons of coins.
  4. Sneaky Tricks: Pop-ups and fake prize wheels try to get you to watch even more ads. It’s like they’re hiding the real games behind a wall of ads.
  5. Time-Sucking Ads: Just to earn a few hundred coins, you might have to watch ads for hours. That’s way more time spent watching ads than actually playing games.

So the bottom line is that Wonder Time seems more interested in showing you ads than letting you play games or earn real money. You will be better off playing games you actually enjoy, without all the ad hassle.

Skip Wonder Time, Explore These Legitimate Options

When it comes to making money online, Wonder Time, as we talked about above, must be the farthest thing in your mind. Instead, consider the following legit options:

  • Bingo Bling: Play tournaments for free and win real money. Perfect for casual players with a chance to win big.
  • Battle Bingo: Compete against others in quick games for real cash rewards. Fun and fast-paced with the excitement of winning.
  • Blackout Bingo: Offers diverse game modes, jackpots, and real prizes for players of all levels. Jump in and see what you can win.

Beyond Bingo

  • Freeward: Freeward is a Get-Paid-To platform where you can play various games, watch videos, and share your thoughts to earn points for prizes, including real money.

Freeward: Earn Real Rewards For Your Online Activities

Tired of reward apps that leave you disappointed? Freeward promises to be different. Earn real money and cool prizes by doing things you already enjoy online.


Turn Hobbies Into Rewards:

  • Share Your Opinions: Answer surveys and get paid. Climb the points ladder and unlock cash, prizes, or even crypto.
  • Play Games: Play a variety of fun games, earn points, and redeem them for awesome rewards.
  • Watch and Earn: Kick back, watch videos, and let Freeward make your downtime productive.

What Makes Freeward Stand Out

  • Endless Variety: Surveys, games, videos, and more! Never get bored, always find new ways to earn.
  • Fast Rewards: Forget waiting weeks. Get your cash, gift cards, or crypto within 24 hours.
  • Friendly Support: Need help? A dedicated team is always available.
  • Global Community: Connect with other reward seekers and share your journey.
  • Safe and Transparent: No scams here! Freeward prioritizes secure and honest rewards.
Freeward features

Freeward Makes Your Online Experience More Rewarding

Enjoy earning without the worry of scams. Say goodbye to empty promises and hello to real rewards with Freeward. Join the fun today and start earning your way.

Final Words

Wonder Time appears to be a facade rather than a legitimate money-earning app. Its main purpose is to promote other apps some of which might be scams. 

With no track records, an overload of ads, and questionable payment practices, Wonder Time isn’t worth your time and effort. We suggest avoiding this app and checking out more legitimate and rewarding options mentioned in this blog post.

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