Bingo King promises a blend of classic bingo with the thrill of competition and the potential for real-world rewards. But before you dive in, let’s explore its gameplay and earning potential.

In this blog post, we’ll talk about:

  • Gameplay: The core mechanics, power-ups, and skill-based elements that set it apart from traditional bingo.
  • The Money Trail: Cash tournaments, entry fees, and prize pools, revealing the realities of earning real money through Bingo King.
  • Legit or Not?: We’ll examine both the positive aspects of the app, like its availability and user ratings, and the concerns surrounding transparency, fairness, and potential risks.
  • Beyond the Bingo Buzz: We’ll introduce an alternative platform – Freeward – that offers diverse earning opportunities without the risks associated with real-money games.


  • Bingo King adds skill elements like power-ups to classic bingo, but winning real money involves risky cash tournaments.
  • While seemingly legit, there are concerns about its unclear earning potential and lack of transparency.
  • Explore alternatives like Freeward for diverse, low-risk earning opportunities online.

What is Bingo King?

Bingo King is a mobile bingo game developed by GreenSoft Limited where players compete for real money.

Available in:App Store
Developer:GreenSoft Limited
App Store Rating:4.7

While offering traditional bingo, Bingo King adds a skill-based element through the strategic use of power-ups, bonus cash rewards, and extra-time bonuses. These elements, not chance, can significantly impact a player’s score and potential winnings.

How Does Bingo King Work?

If you’re a bingo enthusiast or simply seeking a competitive twist on a classic game, Bingo King might be a good mobile match.

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Bingo King isn’t just about the money. The in-app tutorial ensures a smooth entry, and engaging practice games keep you hooked. Whether you’re a seasoned bingo veteran or a curious newcomer, Bingo King offers a fun and challenging experience.

Bing King allows you to play both free practice and cash tournaments, inviting you to hone your skills and potentially win real money. Let’s see how this game works.

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1. Getting Started

Download the app, sign up, and you’re in. Free games are your playground to hone your skills and earn gems, while practice matches let you test your mettle against other players without risking a dime.

Remember that you must be at least 17 to play as the thrill of competition comes with the possibility of losing money in paid games.

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2. Understanding the Game

Bingo King takes the familiar bingo formula and injects it with a competitive twist. You’re still aiming to complete rows on your card before your opponents, but power-ups like Magic Daubers and Triple Time add a strategic layer to the mix. Quick reflexes, smart power-up usage, and a dash of luck determine who wins at the end.

3. Cash Tournaments

For those seeking the allure of real money gains, Bingo King offers paid tournaments. With entry fees starting from just a few dollars, you can test your skills against other players in one-on-one matches.

Climb the ranks, and you could walk away with a share of the prize pool. However, remember that every loss means forfeiting your entry fee.

4. The Monthly Leaderboard

For the truly dedicated, Bingo King’s monthly leaderboard beckons. Become one of the top earners or win the most games, and you could be rewarded with thousands of dollars in cash.

But be prepared for a competitive climb because legions of players will be vying for those top spots.

5. Cashing Out

After collecting enough winnings, Bingo King lets you cash out through PayPal. Keep in mind that the first withdrawal might take slightly longer due to account verification, so ensure your Bingo King and PayPal emails match for a smoother process.

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How Can I Play Bingo King?

Bingo King offers a twist on classic bingo, blending it with competitive gameplay and the chance to win real money. Here’s how to play:

1. Get Your Card

You’ll be assigned a bingo card with five columns labeled B, I, N, G, and O, each containing five random numbers and letters. These letters spell BINGO across the top of the card.

2. Numbers Get Called

Numbers will be called out or displayed on the screen one by one.

3. Mark Your Card

If the called number appears on your card, tap the corresponding box to mark it off.

4. Aim for Bingo

Your goal is to complete a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line of five marked boxes to achieve Bingo. The player with the highest score at the end of the game wins.

5. Power-ups and Multipliers

The game adds a strategic element with power-ups and multipliers you can use to gain advantages:

  • Magic Dauber: Mark any square on your card.
  • Magic Ball: Choose a ball to be called next.
  • Triple Time: Triple your score by marking boxes within 10 seconds.
  • Extra Time: Gain additional time for marking.

6. Skill Matters

While everyone has identical cards and power-ups, your success depends on:

  • Speed: Mark called numbers quickly to gain an edge.
  • Power-up Strategy: Use power-ups effectively to maximize their benefit.
  • Bonus Points: Capitalize on extra-time points and multipliers to boost your score.

Can You Win Money by Playing Bingo King?

Yes, Bingo King offers the chance to win real money through cash tournaments and multiplayer events. But that’s not the whole story. You need to pay an entry fee to participate in these and there is a risk of losing your entry fee if you don’t win.

Here’s a breakdown:

  • How to Win: Play bingo against other players in real-time tournaments or 1-on-1 matches. The winner takes home a share of the prize pool, which depends on the entry fee and number of players.
  • Cost to Play: You need to deposit money into your game account using a credit card or PayPal before you can participate.
  • Fairness: Bingo King claims to match players with similar skill levels and everyone pays the same entry fee for a specific tournament.

So, while Bingo King offers the potential for real money rewards, it’s not a guaranteed way to earn money.

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Bingo King: Is It Legit?

While Bingo King appears to be a legitimate app on the surface, based on its availability on the App Store and positive user reviews, there are several concerns about its legitimacy as a money-making game. Let’s start with the positive aspects of Bingo King.

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  • Legit App: Bingo King is a genuine app available on the iOS App Store, developed by GreenSoft Limited, and compatible with iOS 12.0 or later devices.
  • Positive Reviews: Bingo King is highly rated by users, suggesting a generally positive user experience.

Now that you know the upsides of Bingo King, let’s take a look at some of the negative aspects and see why this app does not seem to be totally reliable


  • Unclear Money-Earning Potential: The app’s marketing material paints a picture of easy money through cash tournaments, but the reality can be quite different.
    It’s unclear how often players win, how much they win, and if the tournaments are truly fair.
  • Risk of Losing Money: Entering cash tournaments involves risk as you can lose your entry fee if you don’t win. The potential for losing money raises concerns about the app’s legitimacy as a money-making platform.
  • Lack of Transparency: It’s unclear whether players are competing against other humans or computer-controlled opponents in cash tournaments.
  • Limited Free Play: While free games exist, the rewards don’t translate to real money, making it difficult to earn without risking money in cash tournaments.

At the end of the day, the decision of whether to trust Bingo King as a money-making game is up to you. If you’re comfortable with taking a chance and enjoy competitive gaming, Bingo King might be worth trying. Just be sure to play responsibly and understand the potential risks before depositing any money.

Beyond Bingo King: Freeward – Unleash Your Earning Potential with No Limits

Remember how we explored Bingo King and its potential for rewards? While it might hold some promise, there are definitely other options out there. Introducing Freeward, a versatile platform that lets you turn your everyday digital activities into real gains.

Why Freeward? It’s all about:

  • Boundless Earning Choices: Freeward offers a vibrant spectrum of ways to earn, from surveys and games to binge-watching your favorite videos. Find what you love and watch your rewards pile up.
  • Instant Gratification: No waiting in line for your hard work. Once you hit $5 with Freeward, cash out in a flash. It’s your effort, enjoy it fast.
  • Lightning-Fast Rewards: Forget agonizing wait times. Freeward processes most payouts within 24 hours, with various options for your choosing – PayPal cash, gift cards, and even cryptocurrency.
  • Friendly Support at Your Fingertips: Freeward’s friendly support team is always a step away. Get the guidance you need to navigate your earning journey with ease.
  • Open to the World: Freeward welcomes users from almost all corners of the globe, spreading the opportunity to earn far and wide. Wherever you are, you’re invited to join the fun.

Freeward’s diverse playground, flexible rewards, and lightning-fast payouts make your online time a treasure chest of real-world benefits. Give it a try and discover why Freeward is the new way to earn online.

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