Chubby Garden, with its adorable animal characters and promises of easy money, might seem like a great option for casual gamers and reward seekers alike. This blog post is here to peel back the layers of Chubby Garden’s marketing and unveil the truth: does it actually pay real money, or is it just a cunningly disguised cash cow?


  • Chubby Garden promises easy money through a cute game, but earning real cash is difficult and takes a long time.
  • It bombards you with ads and switches rewards from coins to virtual dollars you can’t cash out easily.
  • Skip Chubby Garden and explore legitimate apps like Bingo Bling or Freeward for real rewards without frustration.

What is Chubby Garden?

Chubby Garden, available on Android, is a match-three puzzle game where you combine adorable animals to create higher-level creatures.

Chubby Garden

Similar to Candy Crush, you simply slide and match at least three identical animals to make them evolve. The more combos and levels you clear, the more coins you earn.

How Does Chubby Garden Work?

Chubby Garden is a free puzzle game available for Android devices. It doesn’t require registration and is suitable for ages 12 and above.

The game features a coin system where you earn coins by completing tasks and unlocking new animals. You can view your coin balance and its equivalent value in dollars at any time.

Chubby Garden offers a cash-out option for players in the UK and US, with a minimum withdrawal amount of $100. However, earning enough coins for a significant payout can take a long time.

While playing, you see many ads, particularly when you collect coins. The game also introduces daily tasks that reward you with coins and potentially, virtual cash bonuses.

Chubby Garden daily tasks

How Can I Play Chubby Garden?

Chubby Garden is a puzzle game where you combine three identical animal tiles to create a new, higher-level animal. The tiles shift positions when you swap them.

Chubby Garden gameplay

A tutorial explains the game’s basic rules when you first start. It’s similar to Candy Crush but uses animal pictures instead of gems or diamonds. You’ll also see menu buttons for support, rewards, and settings.

Your goal is to make groups of at least three matching tiles, either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. This can be easy at first, and the game might even feel automatic at times.

Rewards are earned automatically, and you can choose to watch an ad to multiply your winnings.

Is Chubby Garden Legit?

No, Chubby Garden is not a legitimate app. It promises easy money through a cute animal-merging game, but it is not that easy. 

The game starts easy, giving lots of coins. However, after a certain level, rewards dwindle and switch to virtual dollars you can’t cash out until playing daily for 30 days. What’s worse, reaching the high cash-out limit of 10,000 coins seems unrealistic.

So, Chubby Garden is unlikely to be a legitimate way to earn money. The high cash-out threshold and shifting rewards raise red flags about the app’s claim of paying users.

Alternatives That Pay Actual Money

Chubby Garden’s promises of easy money are false. It’s one of many unreliable apps in the Play Store that lure users with misleading claims. Don’t waste your time on this game.

Instead, explore legitimate apps where you can truly earn rewards. Here are a few exciting options:

  • Bingo Bling: Free tournaments with real cash prizes for bingo lovers.
  • Battle Bingo: Head-to-head matches for quick wins and real money rewards.
  • Blackout Bingo: Diverse game modes, jackpots, and real prizes for all levels.
  • Freeward: Expand your horizons. Freeward isn’t just about bingo. Play games, watch videos, share opinions, and earn points for awesome prizes, including real money.

These apps offer a fun and rewarding experience without the empty promises of Chubby Garden. Choose one that suits your interests and start earning.

Turn Your Time into Treasure with Freeward

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Freeward: Why It’s Different, Why You’ll Love It:

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Freeward features

Freeward isn’t just about earning. It’s about making your everyday online activities pay off in real, rewarding ways. It’s a safe, transparent, and fun-powered platform where you can experience the joy of earning without the fear of scams.

So, say goodbye to empty promises and hello to real rewards with Freeward. Join the fun today and start earning your way.

Final Words

While Chubby Garden might tempt you with cuddly creatures and promises of wealth, remember – it’s a maze of misleading rewards and endless ads. Don’t get lost in its deceptive jungle.

Instead, step into the vibrant world of genuine rewards platforms like those listed above. These apps offer a fun and fair way to earn real cash, exciting prizes, and even crypto, all without the frustration or fear of scams.

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