If you’re dreaming of striking it rich with a tap on your phone, Lucky Bingo Ball might tempt you with its promises of real money payouts. Is Lucky Bingo Ball a legitimate path to riches, or just a glittery mirage in the online gaming desert? In what follows, we’ll tell you the truth about Lucky Bingo Ball and offer you exciting alternatives where real rewards and genuine fun go hand-in-hand.


  • Lucky Bingo Ball promises riches but is riddled with red flags like impossible payouts and user complaints.
  • Discover a vibrant oasis of legit reward platforms like Bingo Bling, Battle Bingo, and Freeward.
  • Earn real cash and prizes for gaming, sharing opinions, and more with fun, trusted platforms like Freeward. No scams, just endless rewards.

What is Lucky Bingo Ball?

Lucky Bingo Ball

Lucky Bingo Ball is a new bingo app for iOS and Android that offers a twist: earning real money through gameplay.

It promises faster payouts compared to other similar games, but it’s important to approach such claims with caution and consider the potential risks involved.

Note: At the time of writing this blog post, Lucky Bingo Ball is not available on App and Play stores. However, you can download its APK version from third-party websites.

Game Features:

  • Free Daily Reward: Claim a prize each day by spinning the wheel.
  • Multi-Card Play: Up to four bingo cards can be played simultaneously.
  • Accessibility Features: Make use of hints and auto-daub for simpler gameplay.
  • Bonus Wheel: Spin the wheel for a chance to win a high reward.
  • Reward System: Get rewarded the more you play and win.

How Does Lucky Bingo Ball Work?

This bingo game starts familiar, similar to the classic version without the usual power-ups and boosters.

You simply mark numbers on your card as they’re called, aiming for lines or diagonals – horizontal, vertical, or corners. The more bingos you complete, the higher your potential earnings.

Playing costs bingo tickets. Choose to play with one, two, or four tickets per round. More tickets increase your potential winnings. 

Occasionally, cash bubbles appear on the board. Tap one and watch a short ad to earn instant cash. Similar rewards may pop up randomly.

Special bingo balls with cash icons inside offer another way to earn. Dabbing one awards a small bonus, while completing a bingo using that card brings an even bigger reward.

Is Lucky Bingo Ball Legit?

No, Lucky Bingo Ball is not legit. While Lucky Bingo Ball promises quick cash wins, this is often a red flag for scams. If everyone cashed out, the developers wouldn’t last. The real question is: does anyone actually win money?

The answer, based on reviews, is a resounding no. Users report difficulties withdrawing earnings, with no success stories. Some mention endless error loops or losing their progress entirely.

To make matters worse, the minimum payout requirement is a whopping $300, an astronomically high sum that feels quite impossible.

Adding fuel to the fire, a recent update removed the cash withdrawal option altogether. So, Lucky Bingo Ball became just another bingo game, albeit one without real money prizes.

While no one lost actual cash by playing (no deposits were required), the promised payouts were clearly empty promises. 

This, coupled with the removed withdrawal feature and negative user experiences, leads to a clear verdict: Lucky Bingo Ball is not a legitimate money-making game. It’s more like a regular bingo app with minimal ads and a relaxed gameplay style.

Alternatives That Pay Real Money

We saw earlier that it was impossible to make any money by playing Lucky Bingo Ball. There’s a vibrant world of legit games where you can actually score real rewards while having a blast. Here are a few tempting picks:

  • Bingo Bling: Calling all bingo champions. This app hosts free tournaments where you can test your skills and win real cash, all without spending a penny. Perfect for honing your daubing prowess and lining your pockets.
  • Battle Bingo: Feeling competitive? Battle Bingo lets you lock horns in quick, head-to-head bingo matches for real money rewards. If you love friendly competition and fast wins, this is your battleground.
  • Blackout Bingo: Dive into diverse game modes, chase exciting jackpots, and grab real prizes or cash in Blackout Bingo. This caters to all levels, from casual dabbers to seasoned bingo sharks.
  • Freeward: Crave variety? Freeward goes beyond bingo. Play a smorgasbord of games, watch videos, and share your opinions to earn points. These points unlock awesome rewards, including real money, making it a treasure trove of earning opportunities.

Freeward Makes Everyday Fun Rewarding

Tired of platforms that dangle rewards like carrots on a stick, never getting you anywhere?


Freeward flips the script. Here, your everyday activities – like voicing your opinions or crushing games – transform into sweet, tangible rewards. Think real cash, cool prizes, even crypto.

Fuel Your Fun, Reap the Benefits:

  • Voice Master: Unleash your inner wordsmith. Share your thoughts on surveys, rack up points, and cash out for real money or exciting prizes.
  • Game Master: Conquer levels in diverse games, watch your points skyrocket, and claim cold hard cash, gift cards, or epic rewards. Game on, and get rewarded.
  • Chill Master: Kick back, watch videos, and let the points flow. Freeward makes relaxation pay off. You earned it.

Freeward Perks: Why It’s Different:

  • Endless Variety: From surveys and games to videos and more, there’s something for everyone. Never get bored while earning.
  • Instant Gratification: Forget waiting weeks. With Freeward, real cash, gift cards, or even crypto can be yours within 24 hours. No more waiting games.
  • Always-There Support: Got a question? No problem. Freeward’s friendly support team is always ready to help. You’re never alone.
  • Global Rewards Community: Join a worldwide network of reward seekers, share your journey, and connect with fellow enthusiasts. It’s a global party.
  • Safe and Transparent: No scams here. Freeward ensures your online activities pay off securely and transparently.
Freeward features

Freeward isn’t just about earning. It’s about making your everyday online activities pay off in real ways. It’s a safe, transparent, and rewarding way to experience the joy of earning without the fear of scams.

So, say goodbye to empty promises and hello to real rewards with Freeward. Join the fun today and start earning your way.

Final Words

Lucky Bingo Ball may have promised quick riches, but it ultimately proved a mirage in the online gaming desert. Keep in mind that the allure of instant wealth often masks a deceptive reality. 

Instead of chasing empty promises, explore the vibrant oasis of legitimate reward platforms waiting to be discovered.

Don’t let your gaming journey be fueled by disappointment. Choose platforms like Bingo Bling, Battle Bingo, Blackout Bingo, and Freeward, where genuine fun and real rewards go hand-in-hand.

Whether you’re a bingo champion, a competitive warrior, or a casual gamer seeking variety, there’s a perfect fit waiting for you.

With Freeward, your everyday activities become gateways to sweet rewards. Join a global community of reward seekers, experience the joy of earning without the fear of scams, and make your online journey a rewarding adventure.

So, step away from the mirage of Lucky Bingo Ball and embrace the sun-drenched world of legitimate rewards.

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