Merge Boom is a fun puzzle game with adorable animals and the promise of real cash rewards. But is it really true? Can we consider it a legitimate way to make some money online? If you’re looking to find answers to these questions, make sure to read this blog post.


  • Merge Boom promises real money for playing a cute puzzle game, but it doesn’t pay out.
  • The game’s goal is to make you play more and watch ads, not to reward you.
  • Skip Merge Boom and explore alternatives like Freeward for actual rewards and fun.

What is Merge Boom?

Merge Boom is a free puzzle game available for Android devices that claims to pay users for playing the game.

Merge Boom

Players arrange and combine identical cute animal tiles to create new, higher-level creatures. Strategic planning is required to maximize merges and achieve higher scores.

The intuitive interface makes it accessible for players of all ages and skill levels. While primarily a puzzle experience, the game features adorable animal visuals for those who enjoy that aesthetic.

Merge Boom: How Does it Work?

To help you understand how Merge Boom works, we need to break it down into four main parts:

1. Installation:

Look for the app, either on the Play Store or third-party websites that offer the APK versions and Android apps. Finding the app might be tricky due to its generic name.

Merge Boom app

Be sure to check the developer (Nicola Ann Kenny) to avoid confusion. Once you download and install the game, you’ll jump straight into the gameplay. 

2. Gameplay:

Similar to Candy Crush, Merge Boom involves matching three identical tiles. A brief tutorial guides you through the basics, and you can explore the interface to familiarize yourself with key elements.

Your goal is to form groups of at least three identical animal tiles. Slide tiles horizontally or vertically to create matches. Each match removes tiles, making way for new ones, and continues until you complete the level.

3. Earning Rewards:

Merge Boom makes earning cash seem fun and easy. When you make a lucky combo, you get virtual cash rewards, no strings attached (at first). This might make you think you can really earn money

But you need to watch an ad before you can claim your prize. So while you get cash, the developers are making money by showing you ads.

Another way to earn cash is by lighting up the entire game board. Each animal merge lights up a square, and you get rewards for both merging and filling the board.

4. Payments:

PayPal is the only payment option, which might not be convenient for everyone. The minimum withdrawal threshold is high at $100, and achieving it will be extremely challenging.

Merge Boom: Does It Pay Money?

While Merge Boom might promise easy money, it’s important to know the truth. It doesn’t pay out.

The game’s main goal is to keep you playing and watching ads, which makes money for the developer, not you.

Merge Boom: Is It Legit?

No, Merge Boom is neither a legitimate nor a real way to make extra cash online. Merge Boom seems to be a good option – beautiful graphics, fun puzzles, and even promises of real money. However, this is not the whole picture.

When you try to cash out your money, the game throws in unexpected challenges you never knew about.

First, they might say you need to do something extra, like lighting up the entire game board. Then, they ask you to watch a bunch of ads before you can get your money.

It’s clear what’s happening. The game wants you to play more and watch more ads so they can make more money, not actually give you a reward.

So, before you spend your time on Merge Boom, don’t forget the shiny promises are not true. There are better ways to have fun without getting tricked.

Alternatives That Pay Real Money

Forget about Merge Boom. While there are fun options if you just want to play, it’s not the way to earn real money. Instead, explore these options for a better chance to win real rewards while having fun.

  • Bingo Bling: Play for free, hone your skills, and win real cash in tournaments. Ideal for those who love bingo and a challenge.
  • Battle Bingo: Test your reflexes and bingo knowledge against others in fast-paced battles. Claim real money rewards if you win. Perfect for competitive types.
  • Blackout Bingo: Offers various game modes, exciting jackpots, and real prizes for all levels. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, there’s something for you.
  • Freeward: As a reward platform. Freeward offers you the chance to play different games, watch videos, and share your opinions to earn points redeemable for real money and other cool prizes. Perfect for those who want variety and fun ways to earn.

Freeward: The Ultimate GPT Platform for Rewarding Your Online Time

Tired of apps and games that leave you with points that never seem to translate into anything real?


Freeward throws them out the window and delivers cash, epic prizes, and even cryptocurrency for doing what you already enjoy online, including GPT tasks like sharing your opinions and completing creative prompts.

Turn Your Passions Into Paychecks

  • Speak Your Mind: Become a Voice Master on Freeward and share your thoughts on surveys. Watch your points stack up and redeem them for real money, awesome prizes, or even cryptocurrency.
  • Game On: Dive into a diverse selection of games, conquer levels, and see your point stash skyrocket. Cash out for cold hard cash, gift cards, or epic rewards that make winning even sweeter.
  • Watch Videos: Kick back, watch some videos, and let the points roll in. Freeward turns your downtime into productive playtime, transforming relaxation into real rewards.

But Why Choose Freeward Over Other Platforms?

  • Endless Variety: Freeward caters to every interest with surveys, games, videos, GPT tasks, and more. Stay entertained while racking up rewards.
  • Instant Gratification: Forget the slow payouts. With Freeward, real cash, gift cards, and cryptocurrency can be yours within 24 hours.
  • Always-There Support: Got an issue? Freeward’s friendly support team is always there to help and ensure a smooth earning experience.
  • Global Rewards Community: No matter where you are, join Freeward’s global community of reward seekers. Share your journey and connect with fellow enthusiasts.
  • Safe and Transparent: Freeward is all about making your online activities pay off safely and transparently. No scams, just real rewards for the things you already do.
Freeward features

Freeward is here to help you turn your everyday online activities into tangible rewards. It’s a safe, transparent, and rewarding way to experience the joy of earning without the fear of scams.

So, say goodbye to empty promises and hello to real rewards with Freeward. Join the fun today and start earning your way!

Final Words

While Merge Boom might be a fun puzzle game with adorable animals, its claims of paying players are not reliable at all. As you saw above, there are plenty of other fun options out there, like Freeward, without the potential for disappointment.

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