Poll Pay is a platform that allows you to share your opinions and earn a small amount of money. In this blog post, we’re going to see if it is a real platform and whether it is worth your time and effort. We’ll also look at user reviews to help you get a better picture of Poll Pay. So without further ado, let’s cut to the chase.


  • Poll Pay offers surveys and a referral program for small rewards.
  • The platform might be suitable for casual earning with convenient payouts, but not for significant income.
  • Consider alternatives like Freeward if you seek higher earning potential and wider features.

What is Poll Pay?

Poll Pay

Poll Pay is a platform, available both online and through a mobile app, where you can answer surveys for small rewards. These rewards are typically a few cents per survey.

How Can You Earn Money with Poll Pay?

Poll Pay offers two ways to earn rewards:

1. Paid Surveys

Contribute to market research by completing surveys on the platform. You’ll need to complete a profile survey first to unlock others. Surveys display estimated time and reward, and qualifying questions ensure your eligibility. You’ll receive promised rewards or a $0.01 consolation prize for disqualifications.

Poll Pay offers page

2. Referral Program

Earn a 15% commission on your friends’ Poll Pay earnings by inviting them through a referral code. This can be quite interesting because your friends’ activity directly impacts your earnings.

Poll Pay referral program

New users can also get a $0.25 joining bonus through referral codes. Keep in mind that commissions come from Poll Pay, not your referrals’ earnings.

How Much Money Can You Make with Poll Pay?

It’s important to be realistic about the earning potential of survey apps like Poll Pay. While they offer small rewards for completing surveys, making significant amounts of money is unlikely.

Expect to earn only a few dollars per day, and surveys may not be consistently available. This means it’s not a reliable source of income and can be frustrating due to the low pay and inconsistency.

How Do You Get Paid with Poll Pay?

Poll Pay offers rewards for completing surveys, credited to your account. The available payout options include PayPal and various cryptocurrencies. The minimum withdrawal amount varies by country, typically starting at $10 (up from $5 previously).

Poll Pay payout options

However, Crypto withdrawals have a higher threshold of $15 and incur a processing fee. You can always see the specific fees before requesting a payout.

Poll Pay: Is It Real or Fake?

Poll Pay is a real platform offering surveys, including both their own and those from third parties. While it’s not a scam, several users have reported encountering issues with surveys, payouts, and technical glitches.

Poll Pay: User Reviews

Judging by the ratings, it is clear that Poll Pay is quite popular among users not only on the App and Play stores but also on the Trustpilot website.

Let’s see what the users have to say about Poll Pay.

Dissatisfied Users

  • Low Pay: Users complain about minimal compensation, citing instances of $0.01 for lengthy surveys.
  • Technical Glitches: Survey interruptions, frozen screens, and unanswered support tickets frustrate some users.
  • Unfulfilled Payments: Users report instances where completed surveys don’t result in promised payouts.

Positive Experiences

  • User-Friendly Interface: Some users appreciate the platform’s intuitive design and ease of use.
  • Redemption Options: Users value the availability of various payout methods, including PayPal and cryptocurrencies.

Poll Pay: Is It Worth It?

Poll Pay is a legitimate platform offering surveys and a referral program for earning rewards. To help you decide whether it will be worth your time, let’s break down some of its upsides and downsides:


  • Open to everyone: No special skills required, accessible worldwide.
  • Easy interface: User-friendly website and app for hassle-free participation.
  • Convenient payment method for earned rewards.


  • Low earnings: Expect minimal income, even with consistent participation.
  • High payout threshold: Reaching the minimum withdrawal amount can take longer than expected.
  • Technical glitches: Users report occasional technical issues hindering the experience.
  • Limited support: Difficulty getting help when needed can be frustrating.

So, now let’s talk about the final verdict. Poll Pay isn’t inherently bad, but the low earning potential and limited support might not justify the effort for everyone. If convenience and PayPal payouts are priorities, it could be a decent side hustle.

However, for those seeking better income opportunities, exploring other platforms might be more worthwhile.

Tired of Low Earnings? Freeward Makes Fun Rewarding

If you’re turned off by the low earning potential of Poll Pay and it’s not actually the platform you were hoping it to be, Freeward can be a very exciting alternative.


Freeward is a GPT platform where you will get the chance to turn your everyday activities into sweet rewards.

Fuel Your Fun, Earn Big

  • Voice Master: Share your opinions in surveys, rack up points, and cash out for real money or exciting prizes.
  • Game Master: Conquer diverse games, watch your points skyrocket, and claim cold hard cash, gift cards, or epic rewards.
  • Video Master: Relax, watch videos, and let the points flow. Freeward makes even unwinding profitable.

Freeward Perks: Why It Stands Out

  • Endless Variety: Never get bored with surveys, games, videos, and more. There’s something for everyone.
  • Instant Rewards: Forget waiting weeks. See your rewards within 24 hours in cash, gift cards, or even crypto.
  • Always-There Support: Need help? No sweat. Freeward’s friendly support team is always available.
  • Global Rewards Community: Join a thriving network of reward seekers, share your journey, and connect with others.
  • Safe and Transparent: No scams here. Freeward ensures your online activities pay off securely and transparently.
Freeward features

Freeward offers more than just earning opportunities. It’s about enriching your online experience with rewards for tasks you enjoy.

Explore diverse activities, from surveys and games to videos, and claim your rewards – all with complete transparency and security. Join the fun today and discover the joy of earning with peace of mind.

Final Words

So, is Poll Pay the right option for you? It depends on your expectations and priorities.

If you:

  • Are looking for a casual way to earn small amounts in your spare time
  • Value convenience and flexibility with a user-friendly interface and multiple payout options
  • Don’t mind occasional technical glitches and limited support

Then Poll Pay might be a decent option. However, be realistic: don’t expect significant income.

On the other hand, if you:

  • Seek larger earning potential
  • Need reliable payouts and consistent support
  • Prefer a wider range of engaging activities

Then exploring other platforms, like Freeward, with more robust features and higher earning potential will be a better fit.

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