Bingo Jungle promises big bucks and thrilling tournaments, but is it a legit app or a deceptive money grab? In what follows, we’ll take a look at its gameplay, rewards, and potential pitfalls, so you can decide if this digital jungle is worth exploring. In case Bingo Jungle proves to be a dud, we’ll guide you toward greener pastures with alternative games that actually pay.


  • Bingo Jungle promises big money and exciting tournaments.
  • It relies heavily on real money deposits and slow payouts, making it a risky option for earning real cash.
  • There are better alternatives, like Freeward, that you can try.

What is Bingo Jungle?

Bingo Jungle

Bingo Jungle (developed by Indie Saga) is a mobile game for Android available on the Google Play store, combining classic Bingo with modern features. It attracts players with a user-friendly interface, rewards, and the option to play competitively or practice.

Available in:Google Play Store
Downloaded:Over 500,000 times
Developer:Indie Saga
Google Play Rating:Unknown

Key Features

  • Traditional Bingo: Enjoy classic Bingo gameplay with a variety of rooms and challenges.
  • Modern Twist: Earn virtual currency, compete in tournaments, and practice with in-app bonuses.
  • Rewards: Free initial deposits and bonus tiers add an element of excitement.
  • Intuitive Design: Sleek layout and user-friendly interface for a smooth gaming experience.
  • Real Money Options: Deposit real money for virtual perks and boost your gameplay.

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How Does Bingo Jungle Work?

Bingo Jungle

Bingo Jungle takes the classic concept of Bingo and injects it with a dose of competition and modern features. Here’s a breakdown of how it all works:

The Core Gameplay

Imagine classic Bingo, but instead of playing against the house, you’re battling it out against other players in real-time tournaments.

Each tournament has its own theme and prize pool, adding variety and excitement. You can participate by either using real money or virtual gems earned within the game.

The twist lies in the ability to choose certain numbers to appear on your Bingo board. This strategic element adds a layer of skill to the traditionally luck-based game.

Being quick and accurate in selecting your numbers becomes crucial in the fast-paced rounds, especially when vying for those top prizes.

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Practice Makes Perfect

Before diving into the competitive heat, Bingo Jungle offers a dedicated gem practice area. Here, you can hone your Bingo skills and get comfortable with the mechanics using in-game gems.

This risk-free environment allows you to experiment with strategies and find your groove before facing real opponents.

Beyond Bingo

The game doesn’t stop at just Bingo tournaments. You can explore additional ways to earn rewards and climb the leaderboard.

Daily check-ins, watching ads, and participating in mini-games like spinning prize wheels and scratching cards offer opportunities to boost your gem and cash rewards.

High Stakes, High Rewards

For those seeking bigger thrills, Bingo Jungle offers the Bingo Cup and Bingo Slots areas. These sections feature larger prize pools and even more intense competition.

The Elite Club

Want exclusive benefits and improved bonuses? Joining the Elite Club grants access to a VIP experience. However, this perk comes with a premium subscription, making it an option for dedicated players willing to invest more in their gameplay.

A Word on Rewards

While Bingo Jungle provides an enjoyable gaming experience, it’s important to remember that significant gameplay and reward opportunities often involve real money deposits.

It’s not a quick path to riches, but rather a platform for competitive Bingo with potential rewards for skilled players.

Does Bingo Jungle Pay Real Money?

Bingo Jungle allows players to win real money, but it’s important to understand the limitations:

  • Most games require real money deposits to participate, making it difficult to win significant amounts without investing.
  • Bingo Jungle offers free ways to earn in-game currency (gems), such as watching ads or daily check-ins, but these are unlikely to generate substantial real money payouts.
  • Winning games doesn’t guarantee recouping your entry fee, and cashing out winnings incurs a processing fee and can take 1-6 weeks.

So, while Bingo Jungle offers an enjoyable bingo experience, its real money-earning potential is limited unless you’re prepared to invest.

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Excellent on Trustpilot

Is Bingo Jungle Legit?

No, Bingo Jungle developed by Indie Saga is not a legitimate app. Bingo Jungle promises big bucks, but it’s not a good deal. Instead of winning thousands, you’ll likely watch lots of ads.

Think of it like a game that makes money by showing you commercials, not by paying you. It’s not a trustworthy app, so it’s best to skip it and find a different way to have fun.

Answer paid surveys, play games, or watch videos to redeem free amazon gift cards and many other rewards.

Is Bingo Jungle Worth it?

While Bingo Jungle has some appealing features, like easy-to-grasp gameplay, exciting prize pools, and a visually pleasing design, a closer look reveals some drawbacks that make it a questionable choice for most users.

Here’s why you might want to reconsider playing Bingo Jungle:

  • Real money focus: The app heavily pushes real money deposits and in-app purchases, making it feel more like a money-grab than a casual game.
  • Slow withdrawal process: Cashing out your winnings can take up to six weeks, which is a major turn-off for anyone hoping for quick rewards.
  • Privacy concerns: The app requests access to sensitive phone permissions like GPS and phone calls.

While Bingo Jungle might initially entice with its flashy design and promises of winning big, the reality is filled with hidden costs, long waiting times, and potential privacy issues. 

There are plenty of other more reliable games out there (read below) that offer a genuine and enjoyable experience without the predatory monetization tactics.

So we recommend that you should steer clear of Bingo Jungle and seek out alternative games that prioritize fair play and fun over exploiting your pockets.

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Alternatives That Pay Real Money

We warned you about Bingo Jungle’s pitfalls. Now, let’s explore greener bingo pastures where fair play and genuine fun flourish. These games let you win real rewards while enjoying exciting gameplay:

  1. Bingo Bling: Unleash your inner bingo queen in this free app. Play practice rounds, hop into tournaments, and win real cash – all from your phone.
  2. Battle Bingo: Craving a competitive edge? Put your skills to the test against other players in this thrilling mobile game. Grab real-money prizes while you dominate the bingo battlefield.
  3. Blackout Bingo: Choose your bingo adventure in this versatile app. From laid-back fun to jackpot-chasing thrills, Blackout Bingo has it all. Win real-world rewards or cash prizes and become the ultimate bingo champion
  4. Freeward: While not a bingo game, Freeward offers you a treasure trove of earning opportunities. Play games, watch videos, and share your opinions – Freeward rewards your online fun with cool prizes and even real money.

Embrace the Rewarding Freeward

Looking to make some extra cash online? While apps like Bingo Jungle might tempt you with promises of quick wins, their real-money focus, slow payouts, and potential privacy concerns often leave users feeling cheated.

Don’t worry as there’s a better way to earn – Freeward. Freeward is your one-stop shop for legitimate and rewarding ways to make real cash online.


Forget the shady jungles, here’s a sun-drenched treasure trove of earning opportunities:

  • Love sharing your opinion? Dive into the Opinion Buffet, where surveys on movies, music, and more await your insightful clicks. Every completed survey brings you closer to sweet rewards.
  • Gamer at heart? Unleash your inner champion with Freeward’s addictive and rewarding games. Play hard, level up, and watch your points pile up, eventually leading to real cash or awesome prizes.
  • Craving some relaxation? Kick back, grab some popcorn, and enjoy Video Bliss. Every view you rack up brings you closer to real cash or cool prizes – a win-win for your chill time.

Excellent on Trustpilot

But why choose Freeward over the rest? Here’s why it’s the ultimate winner:

  • Variety is the spice of life, and Freeward’s got plenty. Whether you’re a survey pro, a gaming guru, or a video enthusiast, there’s something for everyone. It’s an all-you-can-earn smorgasbord of opportunities, ensuring you never get bored.
  • No waiting around for rewards. With Freeward, you can get your hands on real cash, gift cards, or even cryptocurrency often within 24 hours. It’s instant gratification, the way online earning should be.
  • Lost? Confused? No worries. Freeward’s friendly support team is always there to guide you with a smile. They’ll answer any question you have, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable earning experience.
  • The world is your earning playground. No matter where you are, from bustling cities to serene countryside, Freeward welcomes you with open arms.
    It’s a global community of earners, so come join the fun and connect with fellow reward seekers.
Freeward features

Freeward is the safe and fun way to turn your everyday online activities into real-world benefits. Give it a try and experience the joy of earning without worry.

Final Words

We started exploring Bingo Jungle, its promises of big wins, and its flashy design. But after closer inspection, we found a tangled web of hidden costs, slow payouts, and potential privacy concerns. Remember that a game shouldn’t feel like a money-grab.

Instead, let’s walk out of that jungle. For those seeking genuine ways to earn, Freeward beckons with open arms. It’s a global community of earners, a safe space to turn your everyday online fun into real-world benefits.

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