In this blog post, we will take a closer look at Bingo Bash, exploring its features, gameplay, pros and cons, and even whispers from real users. We’ll also crack the code on the biggest question: Does Bingo Bash actually pay?


  • Bingo Bash is the go-to free bingo app for over 70 million players.
  • If you’re after real money wins, Bingo Bash isn’t your game.
  • If you’re craving that jackpot excitement, there are other options like Freeward that offer real money wins.

What is Bingo Bash?

Bingo Bash

Bingo Bash is a free online bingo game developed by Scopely. Available on Android, iOS, and Facebook, it has over 70 million players worldwide. The game combines classic bingo gameplay with modern features and mini-games.


Bingo Bash combines traditional bingo mechanics with bonus features and mini-games. Players purchase bingo cards, mark off numbers called, and aim to complete patterns to win.

Bingo Bash

The game offers different room styles, some revealing called numbers for strategic play, while others maintain a classic setup.

Platforms:Android and iOS
Available in:App Store and Google Play Store
Downloaded:Over 10M times on the Play Store
Google Play Rating:4.5 out of 713,000 reviews
App Store Rating:4.6 out of 50,000 reviews

Key Features

  • Intuitive Onboarding: Bingo Bash offers a guided tour upon launch, teaching you how to play, access free chips, and choose game modes. This makes it easy for beginners to jump right in.
  • Variety of Rooms: Unlock new rooms with different themes and gameplay options.
  • Variety Beyond Bingo: Bingo Bash goes beyond traditional bingo. You can unlock diverse in-app games like diner management or themed collection games as you level up.
  • Power-Ups: Enhance your bingo experience with bonus items earned in mini-games.
  • Social Element: Chat and compete with other players in real-time.
  • Daily Rewards: Spin the daily wheel every 20 hours to win random rewards like extra chips, coins, or power plays, giving you a daily dose of in-game bonuses.

How Does Bingo Bash Work?

Bingo Bash works just like a regular bingo game, but it’s all played on your phone or computer. Imagine a bingo caller shouting out numbers, and you get to mark them off on your virtual cards. If you match all the numbers in a pattern, you win.

The app makes it easy to play even if you’re new to bingo. It walks you through the steps the first time and gives you helpful hints along the way.

What’s more, you can use balls instead of real money to buy your cards, and there are fun mini-games to earn more bonuses. It’s just a casual way to relax and have a bit of fun with a classic game.

Excellent on Trustpilot

Does Bingo Bash Pay Real Money?

No, Bingo Bash does not offer any real money payouts or prizes. The game operates with virtual currency called chips and in-game rewards.

While you can purchase additional chips with real money, these are used for in-game enhancements and cannot be cashed out.

Is Bingo Bash Legit?

Yes, Bingo Bash is a legitimate and fun game for casual players who enjoy bingo and don’t mind in-app purchases. However, if you’re looking for a chance to win real money, it might not be the best choice.

Is Playing Bingo Bash Worth it?

While Bingo Bash doesn’t offer real money payouts, it provides a fun and engaging social gaming experience with a variety of virtual rewards and in-game features.

If you’re looking for a casual bingo game without the risk of real money gambling, Bingo Bash could be a good option. However, if your primary goal is to win real money, you’ll need to explore other online bingo platforms.

So, now let’s weigh the pros and cons to see if it’s a good fit.


  • Jump Right In: There is no need to create an account, just download and play.
  • Ad-Free Experience: Enjoy uninterrupted gameplay without pesky ads.
  • Variety: From classic bingo to themed rooms and mini-games, there’s something for everyone.


  • Freebies Can Be Scarce: While you can earn some virtual currency through gameplay, they might not be enough for heavy players, potentially leading to in-app purchases.
  • No Real Money Wins: Unlike some other online bingo games, Bingo Bash doesn’t offer cash prizes, and focuses only on virtual rewards.

What Do the Users Have to Say About Bingo Bash?

Bingo Bash has a great rating on both the App Store (4.6) and Play Store (4.5). Do these figures reflect the way people feel about Bingo Bash?

That’s why, we have taken a look at some of the positive and negative comments that users posted online.

Positive Comments:

  • Addictive and Fun: Users like the variety of games, challenges, and excitement in Bingo Bash. Some have been playing for years and appreciate the constant updates and care from the developers.
User comments
  • Responsive Support: Some highlight the prompt and helpful customer service they received when facing issues.
User comments

Negative Comments:

  • Pay-to-Win: Several users express frustration with the difficulty of winning without spending money. They feel chips run out quickly, and free rewards are insufficient.
  • Excessive Ads: They enjoy the variety but dislike the excessive ads and believe non-paying players are at a disadvantage.

Alternatives That Pay Real Money

Bingo Bash, while being a fun game, doesn’t offer real money prizes. So if you’re after some opportunities with a chance to win cash, here are some other options:

  1. Bingo Bling: This free app lets you play classic bingo with practice rounds and tournaments. The good thing is that you can actually win real cash prizes while you’re at it.
  2. Battle Bingo: This app pits you head-to-head against other players in fast-paced bingo matches. Win and grab yourself some real-money prizes.
  3. Blackout Bingo: Whether you’re a casual player or a high-stakes roller, Blackout Bingo has something for you. Choose from different game modes, play for jackpots, and potentially win real prizes or cash.
  4. Freeward: If you want to earn rewards beyond bingo, Freeward lets you play games, watch videos, and share your opinion to collect points. These points can then be exchanged for cool prizes and even real money.

Freeward: Earn Real Rewards Online

Tired of empty promises and disappointing online rewards? Freeward offers a different approach. It’s a platform where you can earn real money and prizes through various activities, like:

  • Taking Surveys: Share your opinions on various topics and earn points redeemable for cash or prizes.
  • Playing Games: Enjoy a variety of games and level up to earn points, which can be exchanged for real money or exciting rewards.
  • Watching Videos: Relax and watch videos to collect points, leading to real cash prizes.

Excellent on Trustpilot

But why choose Freeward over the rest?

  • Something for Everyone: Surveys, games, videos – Freeward caters to diverse interests. It’s your one-stop shop for earning opportunities and keeping boredom at bay.
  • Fast and Fulfilling: Forget waiting ages for your rewards. With Freeward, real cash, gift cards, or even cryptocurrency can be yours within 24 hours. Experience the satisfaction of immediate returns.
  • Friendly Support Anytime: Freeward’s dedicated support team is always happy to help. Enjoy a smooth and enjoyable earning experience, no matter your inquiry.
  • Earn From Anywhere: Freeward has no borders. No matter where you are, you’re welcome to join this global community of earners. Share your earning adventures and connect with fellow reward seekers.
Freeward features

Freeward is your playground for turning everyday online activities into real-world benefits. It’s a safe, transparent, and rewarding way to experience the joy of earning without the anxieties of scams.

Final Words

If you like the thrill of bingo but not the risks of gambling, Bingo Bash is your game. Easy to learn and bursting with variety, Bingo Bash is perfect for casual players seeking a fun escape.

While Bingo Bash won’t make you rich, several other apps offer the chance to win real cash.

Bingo Bling, Battle Bingo, and Blackout Bingo let you play for prizes, while Freeward rewards you for surveys, games, and watching videos.

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