Looking for a fun bingo game with tons of virtual rewards? Bingo Holiday might be your match! Explore over 110 themed rooms, compete in tournaments, and embark on a virtual world tour. In this blog post, we’re going to find out whether it pays real money or is just for entertainment purposes.


  • Bingo Holiday is a fun virtual bingo app with tons of rooms, tournaments, and a world tour, but it doesn’t pay real money.
  • Some users love the game, but others worry about cost, fairness, and long-term playability.
  • If you want to earn real rewards, try apps like Bingo Bling or Freeward for surveys, games, and cash prizes.

What is Bingo Holiday?

Bingo Holiday is a mobile bingo game for iOS with a variety of features. It boasts over 110 themed rooms, the ability to play multiple cards simultaneously, and regular free credits.

Bingo Holiday

Players can embark on a virtual world tour with over 70 destinations, try their luck at daily spins, and compete in real-time tournaments against others. The game allows for multiple bingos on a single card, with a full blackout awarding the jackpot.

Get free Google Play gift cards by accumulating coins from performing tasks.

To boost their chances of winning, players can utilize power-ups like instant bingo and triple daubs.


  • Diverse Bingo Rooms: Explore over 110 themed rooms, with the option to play multiple cards at once.
  • Regular Rewards: Stay in the game with hourly credit drops and daily wheel spins for additional prizes.
  • Global Competition: Test your skills in real-time multiplayer tournaments against players worldwide.
  • Boost Your Chances: Use power-ups like instant bingo and triple daubs to increase your winning potential.
  • Themed Puzzles: Complete unique puzzle collections within each bingo room for extra rewards.
  • Virtual World Tour: Embark on a virtual journey across over 70 cities and countries.
  • Social Play: Connect with friends, send gifts, and share the fun.
Bingo Holiday

Bingo Holiday Elite Subscription: What You Need to Know

The Bingo Holiday Elite subscription is an optional add-on that costs $12.99 per month. It gives you access to exclusive features and benefits within the game. Here’s a breakdown of what it offers:

What You Get:

  • New monthly updates with additional content and features.
  • Prices can change, and there might be occasional limited-time discounts.

How It Works:

  • Payment is charged to your iTunes account when you subscribe.
  • The subscription automatically renews every month for the same price unless you turn off auto-renewal at least 24 hours before the end of the current month.
  • You can manage your subscription and turn off auto-renewal in your iTunes account settings after purchase.

Cancelling Your Subscription:

  • You cannot cancel a subscription once it’s started.
  • If you’re still in the trial period, you can cancel through your iTunes account settings before the end of the trial to avoid being charged. You can find more information about managing subscriptions on Apple’s website.

What Happens to Unused Trial Time:

  • If you purchase a subscription before your trial period ends, you lose any remaining trial time.

Remember That:

  • This subscription is optional. You can enjoy Bingo Holiday without it.
  • Consider whether the extra features are worth the monthly cost before subscribing.

Does Bingo Holiday Pay Real Money?

No, it doesn’t. While Bingo Holiday offers exciting gameplay and virtual rewards, it’s important to remember it’s solely for entertainment. It doesn’t involve any real-world gambling or generate real money winnings.

Think of it as a fun pastime where you can compete and collect, without the financial risks of traditional gambling.

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What Do the Users Say About Bingo Holiday?

Bingo Holiday has a rating of 4.6 on the App Store, meaning that it is quite popular among users. Now, let’s take a look at some of the comments on the App Store and see what people have to say about this Bingo app.

User 1 (Rate: 5): Loyal Fan with a Request

Positive user reviews

User 1 is a dedicated player who loves the app and comes back for more. They’ve been playing for at least two years and find the game enjoyable overall. Their only annoyance is the constant pop-up asking to rate the game, especially after a good round.

They suggest the developers consider their long-term engagement as enough of a positive review.

User 2 (Rate: 5): Happy Player with a Mobile Wish

Positive user reviews

User 2 is another happy player who appreciates the fun, customer service, and social features. They’d love the option to purchase power-ups with in-game coins on mobile, as switching to a computer feels inconvenient.

User 3 (Rate: 3): Enjoying Now, Worried About Future

User reviews

While enjoying the game for now, User 3 worries about its long-term sustainability. They dislike the idea of paying real money and fear the game might become unplayable without it.

User 4 (Rate: 2): Frustrated with Costs and Restrictions

Negative user reviews

User 4 appreciates the structured daily tasks but feels limited by the game’s design. They’ve encountered issues with switching accounts and feel the credit system is unfair, with expensive purchases offering limited play.

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User 5 (Rate: 1): Skeptical and Suspicious Player

Negative user reviews

User 5 raises serious concerns about the game’s fairness and practices. They suspect the game is rigged and designed to push players toward spending.

Real Money-Earning Alternatives

If you’re looking for apps that provide you with real money-making opportunities, you should stop using the Bingo Holiday app, and instead check out the following apps:

  1. Bingo Bling: This free app combines classic bingo with practice rounds and tournaments. You can even win actual cash prizes.
  2. Battle Bingo: Test your skills against other players in quick-fire bingo matches. Win, and you’ll get some real-money rewards.
  3. Blackout Bingo: Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player, Blackout Bingo has something for you. Choose from various game modes, compete for jackpots, and potentially win real prizes or cash.
  4. Freeward: Looking for more than just bingo? Freeward lets you play games, watch videos, and share your opinions to earn points. These points can be redeemed for exciting prizes and even real money.

Earn Real Rewards with Freeward

Tired of online reward programs that leave you empty-handed? Freeward cuts through the fluff and offers a legit way to earn real money and cool prizes through everyday activities. Here’s how it works:

  • Share Your Voice: Got opinions? Take surveys on various topics and rack up points that you can cash in for real money or awesome rewards.
  • Game On: Play a diverse selection of games, level up, and watch those points pile up. Trade them for cash, gift cards, or exciting prizes.
  • Chill and Earn: Relax with some videos and collect points along the way. They’ll translate to real cash prizes, making your chill time even more rewarding.

Why Choose Freeward?

  • One-Stop Shop: Surveys, games, videos – Freeward caters to all interests. It’s your all-in-one platform for earning and keeping boredom at bay.
  • Fast Rewards: Forget waiting weeks for your payout. With Freeward, real cash, gift cards, or even cryptocurrency can be yours within 24 hours.
  • Always There for You: Need help? Freeward’s friendly support team is always on hand to answer your questions and ensure a smooth earning experience.
  • Earn Anywhere, Anytime: Freeward is a global community – no matter your location, you’re welcome to join. Share your earning journey and connect with fellow reward seekers.
Freeward features

Freeward isn’t just about earning. It’s about turning everyday online activities into real-world benefits. It’s a safe, transparent, and rewarding way to experience the joy of earning without the stress of scams.

Final Words

Bingo Holiday is a fun bingo game for virtual thrills, but not real cash. If you’re seeking real rewards, explore apps like Bingo Bling and Freeward, where you can earn through surveys, games, and videos.

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