If you are a fan of Earn to Die and looking for similar games to play on your smartphone or tablet, this blog post is for you. There are many games like Earn to Die that offer a similar gameplay experience with different themes, vehicles, and features. In what follows, we’re going to list some of the best games like Earn to Die for Android and iOS, and provide a brief overview of each game.


  • Earn to Die is a popular game where players navigate through a world that is filled with bloodthirsty zombies.
  • There are many games, available on both Android and iOS, that offer a similar gameplay experience.
  • Some of these games are Zombie Squad, Zombie Highway, Death Motto, and Zombie Roadkill.

What Kind of Game is Earn to Die?

In Earn to Die, a racing-style game with vehicular combat, players navigate a bloodthirsty zombie-infested world.

After selecting their vehicle, players embark on a racing event, battling zombies and striving to reach the finish line.

Earn to Die has various modes, each offering unique and challenging gameplay. In the game, you can collect power-ups scattered throughout the game to gain access to an arsenal of weapons and boosters that aid in your zombie-slaying endeavors.

As you progress through the game, you earn in-game money that can be used to purchase new vehicles and upgrades for existing ones.

These upgrades include better wheels, more powerful engines, larger fuel tanks, and even decorative elements like spinning spiked blades or snapping jaws of spiked death.

Earn to Die features diverse locations, eight different vehicles, upgrades, hordes of zombies, animated sequences, power-ups, and more. This game provides you with captivating gameplay and an engaging storyline.

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Android Games Like Earn to Die

If you are looking for Android games like Earn to Die, you might be interested in some of these similar games that also involve driving vehicles and killing zombies.

Earn to Die 2

Earn to Die 2 is a fast-paced, action-packed racing game set in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by zombies. Players take on the role of the last survivor, tasked with driving through hordes of zombies and reaching the safety of an evacuation ship.

The game features a variety of vehicles, each with its unique weapons and upgrades. Players can use their driving skills and weapons to smash their way through the zombies, earning coins to unlock new vehicles and upgrades.

With its addictive gameplay, brilliant mechanics, and superb visuals, Earn to Die 2 is a thrilling game that will keep players on the edge of their seats.

Zombie Squad

Developed by Play365, Zombie Squad is a game like Eran to Die that combines Zombie Apocalypse, Action, and Racing elements. It features a huge selection of vehicles that are armed with lethal weapons and lets you play as the sole survivor.

The game has a gory gameplay, where you have to struggle for your life as the last person alive and face zombies and dangers.

You can choose your car and enter the brutal world full of zombies and your main goal is to shoot all zombies that come in your way using your gun.

Another feature of this game is that you can customize your car and change its armor and weapons using the customization options.

You can collect coins by killing zombies and use the points you have gathered to purchase new powerful vehicles and power-ups.

Zombie Roadkill 3D

Zombie Roadkill 3D is another game for Earn to Die fans where you’ll be driving your car and shooting zombies in a zombie apocalypse. You have to drive as far as possible and fight for your life using different weapons and vehicles.

Zombie Roadkill combines the elements of RPG and shooting. It has two modes to play and enjoy: story mode and endless mode. The game also has ten weapons, five vehicles, and seven zombies to choose from.

This game rewards you with coins as you kill zombies and you can use them to unlock more content.

Battle Path 3D: Zombie Edition

Battle Path 3D: Zombie Edition is a game developed by Timuz Games where you control an army commander and his bases and fight against zombies. You have to ride a car full of weapons and gadgets and kill zombies and monsters.

The game has an open-world environment, allowing you to move freely in the game world. Battle Pass has only one way to end the game – eliminate all the zombies.

Battle Path 3d: Zombie Edition has many features like achievements, 3D graphics, social media sharing, different levels, and different zombies and monsters.

Zombie Derby 2

As a sequel to the original Zombie Derby game, Zombie Derby 2 introduces a plethora of new features, including fresh environments, weapons, zombie types, and vehicles.

Set in a fictional world teeming with bloodthirsty zombies, Zombie Derby 2 casts the player as one of the remaining survivors embarking on a thrilling adventure to combat the undead menace.

Players can select their preferred vehicle and navigate the expansive game world, freely exploring various regions, wielding a variety of weapons to eliminate hordes of bloodthirsty zombies, and collecting valuable coins.

These coins can be used to unlock additional content, upgrade vehicles, and enhance weaponry.

Zombie Derby 2 offers both single-player and multiplayer modes, allowing players to team up with friends worldwide to vanquish their shared enemies.

iOS Games Like Earn to Die

If you’re looking for some games like Eran to Die that you can play on your iOS device, make sure to check out the following games.

Zombie Highway

Zombie Highway is an enthralling single-player game like Eran to Die where players navigate a world overrun by bloodthirsty zombies.

The objective is to control a vehicle and survive the onslaught of these undead creatures. As you drive, zombies will leap onto your car, attempting to halt your progress and end your life.

In this game, you must steer clear of all obstacles on the straight road. Any collision with a barrier will slow your car down, making you an easy target for the swarming zombies. To defend yourself, you’ll have access to an arsenal of weapons that will keep you safe during the intense gameplay.

Zombie Highway offers a wealth of features, including over eight levels, three distinct environments, a variety of cars, replayability, and unlockable achievements.

Zombie Offroad Safari

Zombie Offroad Safari is another game similar to Earn to Die that lets you drive a 4×4 off-roader in a city full of zombies, loot, and challenges.

You can choose from different monster trucks, each with its own features. You can also explore the open world and climb the highest mountains that no one has ever reached.

What’s more, you can find and use various weapons and upgrades to kill zombies in the post-apocalyptic sandbox game. Zombie Offroad has six sandbox regions, each with different zombies and fun.

Death Motto

If you enjoyed playing Earn to Die, you’ll probably enjoy Death Moto as well. In this game, you ride a bike and kill other bikers with tools and weapons. The game is for arcade and racing fans and has a single-player mode. You have to be careful to avoid any trouble from other bikers.

Death Moto has an engaging gameplay, a simple storyline, and great visuals. You can start the game by choosing your character and your bike. The game has many levels, each with a different theme and new weapons.

The game also has some features like replayability, social media sharing, global ranking, and weapon collection.

Zombie Hill Racing

Zombie Hill Racing is a racing game where you drive through a zombie apocalypse in order to survive. You can unlock different cars and upgrade them to go faster and kill more zombies. The game also features a story mode that will keep you entertained for hours on end.

Some of the key features of Zombie Hill Racing include:

  • Upgrade your car to go faster with nitro
  • Earn coins and build the best car of destruction
  • Different types of levels
  • Graphics optimized for the best performance

I Hate Zombies

I Hate Zombies is an exhilarating side-scrolling racing game that immerses you in a world overrun by hordes of adorable, yet menacing, zombies.

In this game that is similar to Earn to Die, you have the option to choose from a variety of twenty-one awesome vehicles and embark on a thrilling adventure where you must navigate treacherous obstacles, crush countless zombies, and collect valuable coins.

The game features a dynamic gameplay experience with destructible vehicles, power-ups, diverse locations, and exciting rewards. 

You can also unlock new vehicles as you progress through the game. Moreover, you can use the points that you collect by playing the game to get power-ups and achieve the highest scores.

With its challenging terrain, bridges, and mountains, the game tests your driving skills and determination to survive against all odds.

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Final Words

Earn to Die is a fun and addictive game that combines racing, action, and zombie smashing. If you are looking for games like Earn to Die that you can play on your mobile device, you have plenty of options to choose from.

Whether you prefer 2D or 3D graphics, realistic or cartoonish style, strategy, or casual gameplay, you can find a game that suits your taste and preference. We hope that now you have found the game that you were looking for before reading this blog post.

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