Solitaire Cash is a free gaming app that lets you play solitaire and win money. In this blog post, we’ll explain how Solitaire Cash works or is solitaire cash legit and help you decide whether it is a legitimate app.


  • Solitaire Cash is a card game app where you can play with other players and earn some money.
  • Solitaire Cash is not as legitimate as it seems.
  • If you’re looking for a reliable and genuine platform to make some extra cash, Freeward is definitely worth considering.

What Kind of Game is Solitaire Cash?

Solitaire Cash is a card game app developed by Papaya Gaming. It has been downloaded over 4 million times worldwide and has a high rating in the App Store, with an average of 4.6 out of 5 stars.

Solitaire Cash is free to download and play. However, there are opportunities to spend money on certain tournaments. Some tournaments do not require any spending at all.

When you enter a tournament, you will be matched with other players of similar skill levels, and you will all receive the same deck. If you finish among the top three, you can win cash prizes.

Main Features

The main features of Solitaire Cash are:

  • Win Real Money: Players can compete against other players online to win real money. Solitaire Cash does take a small portion of players’ winnings, but the majority of the prize money goes to the winner.
  • Bonus Cash: Players earn bonus cash for every dollar they deposit into the game. The bonus cash can be used to enter tournaments or purchase other in-game items.

Solitaire Cash: How It Works?

To use the Solitaire Cash app, there are three steps that you need to follow:

  1. Sign Up: First, you need to download the Solitaire Cash app and sign up. After signing up, you can play practice games to get acquainted with the app. If you’re familiar with Solitaire, you’ll pick up the game quickly.
  2. Freeroll Tournaments: Once you have signed up, you can play Freeroll tournaments, which are tournaments that you can enter using gems.

Gems can be earned by watching ads, leveling up your account, or logging into the app regularly. You can also earn gems by referring friends to the app.

If you win a Freeroll tournament, you will win real money. The amount of money you can win depends on the tournament you are playing in. Some tournaments, for instance, pay out $5 to $7 for winning.

  1. Cash Tournaments: If you want to play cash tournaments, you will need to purchase buy-ins with cash. Buy-ins vary depending on the tournament you are playing in. For example, some tournaments cost as little as $7 while others may cost more.

When you play a cash tournament, you are competing against other players to win real money. The player who completes the game with the highest score and in the fastest time wins the tournament.

Excellent on Trustpilot

Solitaire Cash is a fun and easy way to earn real money. However, it is important to note that you are not guaranteed to win money.

You may need to play a lot of tournaments before you win any money. Additionally, the amount of money you can win is limited.

How Much Can I Make by Playing Solitaire Cash?

The earnings depend on the number of hours you play this game. The more time you invest into playing Solitaire cash, the better, and the more your chances are to win some cash.

You get gems for every tournament you join which you can use to enter tournaments that pay cash.

For instance, you can join a tournament that costs 1,200 gems and has a $7 prize. You can also join daily raffles that have big prizes for the winners.

Moreover, you can earn more money by joining tournaments that cost real money. For example, you can pay $4 to play with 20 other players for a chance to win part of the $70 prize pool.

What’s more, it is possible to make money by inviting your friends to the app. You get $1 in bonus cash for every friend who signs up with your referral link. This is a good way to get some extra rewards.

How Can I Withdraw Money on Solitaire Cash?

To withdraw the money you have earned on Solitaire Cash, there are a few simple steps that you need to follow:

  1. After winning the prize, click on the menu button and then select Withdrawal.
  1. Doing this will take you to a page where you can see the Withdrawal information, including the Processing Fee, the Withdrawal Amount, and the Total Transaction Amount.
  1. Once you make sure that everything is OK, you can submit your withdrawal request.

Is Solitaire Cash Legit?

Solitaire Cash seems to be a legitimate app as it has been downloaded numerous times and has a very high rating (4.6 at the time of writing this article) on the App Store.

However, there are three main concerns about the app which lower its legitimacy.

  1. First, the app is misleading. It shows ads and graphics that suggest you can win big money easily, but this is not true. The app makes it hard to win significant amounts, and it often changes the rules and payouts without warning.
  2. Second, the app has limited ways to earn. You can only play Solitaire and enter tournaments, but these are not enough to make real money. The app also pushes you to spend money on in-app purchases, which might make you lose more than you win.
  3. Third, the app lacks transparency. It does not tell you the success rate or the prize pools of the tournaments. In addition, it does not explain how it matches you with other players or how it calculates your winnings.

Having said that, it is safe to say that Solitaire Cash is not as legitimate as it seems. It might be fun to play Solitaire and win some money, but it is not a reliable or consistent way to earn extra cash.

Freeward – A Great Alternative to Solitaire Cash

If you’re looking for an alternative to Solitaire Cash that can help you win some extra cash on the side, Freeward is a great choice.

Freeward is a platform that offers various ways to earn money online, including taking surveys, watching videos, and playing games.

Here are some of the reasons why Freeward is a good choice:

  • Diverse Earning Opportunities: Freeward offers a variety of ways to earn money, so you can find something that you enjoy doing.
  • Flexible Rewards: You can redeem your earned coins for a variety of rewards, including PayPal cash, gift cards, and cryptocurrencies.
  • Quick Payouts: Freeward typically processes payments within 24 hours of a request.
  • Dedicated Support: Freeward’s responsive support team is always ready to assist with any questions or concerns.
  • Global Accessibility: Freeward is available to users in nearly all countries and regions.

Excellent on Trustpilot

Final Words

While the idea of earning money from gaming apps, such as Solitaire Cash, looks appealing, you must be aware that not all the apps are as genuine and legit as they seem to be. This is the story of Solitaire Cash that we explained above. Now that you know everything about this gaming app, it is up to you whether you’re going to trust it.

However, there is one platform that you can always trust to help you get some extra money on the side. So, next time that you think about making some money online through playing games, make sure to give Freeward a try.

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